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  1. Ah... Then I'll just talk to you on MSN like usual. ^^x...
  2. Hi! oh my gosh! >< I'm I like one of the very few people that talk to you? o_O or do I just comment you and everyone else sends pm's?
  3. That's what we're doing but the second someone found out and opened his mouth to everyone i have 2 obsessive guys who won't leave me alone. >< I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt them or anything but when do can I say enough is enough without them going suicidal on me. One I know will at least attempt it the other i'm not so sure, probably not but still.. ><
  4. mm.. yes I did.. yet he and I fight constantly... so we don't really know where we stand. We like each other alot but we fight all the time. -sighs- i'm really tired of it.
  5. ... cool.. Nice to know you have someone you love very much....... i'm happy for you.
  6. yeah. Anyway... hows..... your girl.... ?..... -sigh-
  7. ... i'm doing alright, that is... if about to have a complete and total meltdown is being okay....
  8. So.... How's are you today? (I'm getting tired of this 50 character thing ><)
  9. Aww.. don't worry about it. It's actually simple if you think about it but don't worry about it. -smile- It's in the past and that's all there is too it.
  10. >< i'm not calling you dumb... I just figured that you were confused considering you can't figure it out. Nothing.. -sigh- I was just thinking about the past....
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