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  1. XD that is right .. i listen to a music that i can understand , aha that is why i don't listen to anime music that much ^-^ ... so witch one do you like violin or guitar or piano .. =^_^=
  2. Yeah that makes sense ^_^
    I listen to music for....the beat and the sound I guess. Understanding it is not a concern to me really. Though it is nice to listen to something in a language I know from time to time ^^
  3. i always listen to anime songs but not that much ... i like to listen to music that i can understand it deep meaning .. =^_^=
  4. haha it is fine. For me it is Japanese music of all kinds and sorta.
    Ummm then rock music ^_^
  5. WWAAA >_< sorry about that XD .... umm aaa ... romance music and loud music like Avril ... i don't like rap or country songs ^_^; .... what bout you ... =^_^=
  6. That is your music preference? I think you read what I asked wrong XD
  7. lets see ... make friends and my teddy bear and the second half of my heart for anime ^_^ ... =^_^=
  8. haha so just wondering but music....whats your preference?
  9. hheehee ... you are right i forgot that i have told you my name .. =^_^=
  10. You already told me your name ^^ so I do not need to go haha ^^
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