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  1. hey wats up we havn't spoken a long time y iz dat? btw i love ur screen page of itachi he is sexy n i love da picture of dat boy 4rm tekken he is also sexy hell yea...xd
  2. my fave naruto characters r naruto,hinata,neji,tenten,anko,kakashi,itachi,kure nai,n im in love wit orochimaru's eyes call me crazy but i believe he cud look sexy witout da make up but my true husband iz neji my second iz itachi....*srry dat wuz 2 much fave characters my bad*,...i luv trinity blood..but neva heard of hellsing my fave character n husband iz ion *so sexy* wats ur fave character in trinity blood....XD....
  3. YO! My favorite Naruto characters are Kakashi and Itachi, they are just awesome lol
    Vampire anime: Hellsing and Trinity Blood. If you haven't seen those i highly recommend you do
    what about you, who do do like in Naruto?
  4. hey wats up we both got somethangs in common 1st we both like naruto n 2nd we both like vampires let me ask u 2 questions which iz ur fave naruto character n which vampire anime do u like*it cud b more than 1*....XD...
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