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  1. HA i see~! So his parents are still pissed about the whole idea?!
  2. I KNOW T^T but hes worth every peney tbh!

    but i cant go over atm yet cos hes not ready like cos theres stuff goin on at home T^T......
  3. (>")> <("<) That's a lot of money for a half an hour ride lol (>")> <("<)
  4. ermmm actuly about 600 pounds ermmm last time i cheaked it would prob be like 1200 ...? i donno when i went to the usa it was dubble....
  5. OH is not that far away that's good lol so how much would 300 pounds be in american dollars??
  6. ermm well its half an hour from here to england or an hour... so its shorter distance but its gonna cost me a mint tbh cos i got to pay for it all and phils ment to be sending me 300 pounds ....but i dont want him to spend all that money on me....even if it means i spend over it gettin to him xxxxx
  7. (>")> AHHHH!! How long of a trip is that?! <("<)
  8. haha thanks ^^

    aww isle of man ^^ its a wee island between ireland and england
  9. you would make a good nurse
    cool! so where does he live at?
  10. aww! i was asked would i consider becoming a nurse?....

    aww im goin to see him a some weekend after xmas! cant wait!! hehe ^^
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