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  1. I'm not a big fan of football either. If i was still in high school i wouldn't care getting there late lol Now ppl are counting on me to be there on time and ready to roll!
    hey so when are you going to see your BF?
  2. aww nm nm im bored cos we have a big football match (final) and my year are all stuck in the same room cos were not goin ....cos we donty like football XDDD

    and im goin to see my bf soon cant f-ing wait!! AGHH hehe ^^ T^T aww why leave me in 5 mins...go in late? lol XDD
  3. YO I'll be going off to school like in 5 minutes but yeah lets do it lol what's up!!?
  4. hiiiiiiiiiiii!! im boredddd XD LOL wanna talk?..?......................................
  5. hiya again hows u i hear u guys miss messin with me! LOL XDDD
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