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  1. Yes i go out at dark and if i see the light i start to burn!:P
  2. You is a vampire!!! how cool eh! so you only go out in the dark?
  3. every thing is kinda windy!
    i wish it has a turn to be dark and i could wonder free in the dark!!!!!
  4. NAh it has a sweet taste to it So how's everything dude?
  5. Well i believe so but it doesnt feel and taste hahahahhaha
  6. well look at it this don't have the responsibilities of a senior nor people look down on you for being a lower classman. everything is gravy lol
  7. No and how is junoir the best year ???
    its confusing!
  8. junior eh! the best year of HS lol
    made any friends yet?
  9. Im in junoir level!!!!!!!
    i making nothing write!
  10. (>")> <("<)How come dude?! What grade are you in?(>")> <("<)
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