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  1. Hey are you online(Makes post longer and longer and longer and longer)
  2. Least favorite anime=Cowboy bepbop pop i dunno how to spell it. Favorite anime character Takumi Fujiwara (Initial D). Favorite food? Italian Kitchen pizza And any kind of Japaness food lol.
  3. hey don't litsen to that guy Z2max guy he fallows me every were I go
  4. XD Nicee lol. Hmm more questions eh? Well least favorite anime? Favorite anime charater? Favorite food? Lol. ;p
  5. uuuummm Anime or Manga: Anime Favorite animal? probably a wolf. And my favorite anime is a no brainer Initial D now hit me with more cause I cant think of any lol
  6. Wewt! XDD Well okay, what do you prefer anime or manga? Favorite animal? And whats your favorite anime?
  7. Woohoo My first Friend (thinking; ALRIGHT my first friend) LOL I love free styling questions you can free style questions on me I don't care XD
  8. Hahaha alrighty. ;p My favorite anime hmm.. is probably Bleach. xD Yes.. I am single. And sure, I already did. ;p
  9. Hey whats up my friend and I hate how you have to use 50 characters for one message so while I'm stuck doing i'm going to freestyle a few questions XD. What is you Favorite anime? Are you single XD? Will you except my friend request?
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