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  1. Your very welcome, yeah this site may not have much happening, but the people are nice. I'd like that. I actually can't judge, cause I've never seen it or heard about it from anyone. But I try not to judge anything either way.
  2. Hey Darkbird,
    thanks for having me ^^
    yup, I'm pretty new here and since there was not a lot going on in this forum (which is sad) it has been quite a while that I logged in but I try to come here more often
    nope, I took the name from one of the first anime I've watched - Kaori Night from Sailormoon (yeah, I know -.-, don't judge)
  3. Hello. I see you're new to Anime Online. Let me welcome you. Are you enjoying you're time here? I was wondering, is your username a reference to the Blood+ character?
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