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  1. the Z sword does have some weight to it and the blade does not look European it has a design to it which i will be taking a pic of as well. i got them from auctions and there not that expensive actually well not where i have been buying them the swords i have gotten have all been under a 100 bucks but im sure there worth more than that now because of how well i have been taking care of them.

    as for anything else i collect old money but thats is a slower thing for me to collect since there to pricey almost
  2. Omg some Pol say I look like orime I think it is funny.
  3. there Chinese though i forgot to mention i have a sword with a marble handle its has different colours in it its really nice looking. and i got started on the hobby when i saw the z sword which i actually found a z sword its still in the box but it looks nothing like the z sword on the dragon ball series . i could email you some pictures of them all if you like
  4. i have a set of 3 swords a small one and middle sized one and a regular sized one the smallest one is a suicide sword dont know the name of it though lol. and i have hook swords as well http://product_images_y.s3.amazonaws...l/wp-sw-90.jpg here is a picture of the hook swords . i also have some swords that have a dragon body for a handle and a few daggers that are really nice looking.
  5. i do know some stuff but i would still get hurt lol and i collects swords and knives and daggers because the designs on some of them are really beautiful , and i am looking for things to collect. and i have never heard of captain future but i looked it up and it looks really cool show. i am also watching some new stuff like hell girl which is a really good show.
  6. what got me started was a anime called star blazers i was in kindergarten and a show called G force though that might not be the actually name of it but thats what i called it lol. i got hooked on it so badly i lost interest in American type cartoons until transformers G1 came out and silver hawks which sadly i can not find anyway on dvd 8(. i then a few years later found Voltron and which is an older cartoon but i never saw it till i was older lol. and then i saw dragon ball ans dragon ball z and i wanted to marry anime LMAO .

    and i know the feeling about not wanting to talk about anime and manga to others because they might give you odd looks unless they are into anime themselves , i have have only ever read one manga and that was the Blue Seed manga after seeing the anime that was based on the Manga . you should check it out if you haven't yet.
  7. ah posted on the wrong place but moved it to where it should belong now.
  8. I joined my first forum about 2 and a half years ago, it was a gaming forum, and i only joined because a friend of mine who moved away talked me into it, i never really spent much time there and I haven't been back in awhile. Now I joined my first anime forum about a year and a half ago, and my first forum was pretty much dead.:/ After joining a bunch I found a few that I liked and made some good friends, that I either chat with them in the forum, or at Yahoo, MSN, and Skype. So it's usually the people that help you to decide if you want to stay or not.

    And sorry about 2 VMs but VMs limit just how many letters you can put in each.
  9. Hmm well "net friendships"(as the term is called) are pretty much like offline friendships with all of the good and bad things that friendships come with.

    From my experience it's great making friends online, and just like with friends offline i've fought with them, since it's so easy to develop a misunderstanding online since emoticons can only convey so much emotion.^^
    But the differences online are, you can make a friend, become best friends, have a fight, stop talking to each other for awhile, start talking again, then become friends, and though it'll feel like months have gone by in reality only a week has gone by.
    Plus i've experienced a few "forum crushes", which are awesome.
  10. Yeah, it's one of the strange "side effects" of being in a forum, and another side effect is now you're running on "forum time".
    Now forum time is the basically when you chat with people you meet in the forum for a week, it'll feel like you've known them for much longer, like a week will feel like a month or longer. O_O

    It's cool for fast friendships, but it's a little weird getting used to it.^^
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