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  1. ok I'm back now - you're still there?
    oooohhhh don't cry dear, it will make me sad too
    could a joke maybe brighten your mood?
  2. Lol well did you get him yet or is that meseg new haha I don't know but my throught is killing me I want to cry.
  3. oh I'm sorry that you had an argument with him don't waste too much energy on beeing mad, there are still soooo many nice things in life, right?
    well I'm fine thank very much. a little muscle pain though since I had training yesterday and I am obviously in a bad shape, but what can I do?
    ah, my boyfriend just called him, I need to go and fetch him from the train station.
    I'll be back as soon as I can, Ok?
  4. Hey you still there because I'm bord and I want to talk so how was your day.
  5. It is something stupid because he could not find my pic so he got pissed off at me well I do mot care ranma can shut the hell up and leave me alone.
  6. geeeez, what the hell happened? O.O
    who is he what did he do to you?
  7. Hey how r u today Srry for my cussing but ranam is being an ass to me.
  8. Oh I cant believe that ass hole I want to rip his ****ing head off.
  9. again confused .... ....
    I don't quite get what you mean, sorry
  10. Meow how r u doing fight now. Why do they have the dum. Longer meseg thing.
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