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  1. I agree making friends in any way possible is always great. Well I've heard that some net friendships (to use the correct term right away) might develop into something more. But I don't know anyone who actually experienced it - you're the first to tell me directly. Mind if I am curious? How far can forum crushes go? Did you also meet each other or does everything happen in the forum?

    yeah, the thing with commuication is always difficult especially if you are limited to writing. But it also strongly depends on the personalities - in my case I am very often misunderstood by people who don't have a lot of self-confidence, since I often say what I really think. Well I just accepted the fact that I don't have to be good friends with everyone.

    Another thing I am curious about: which other anime forums are rather active? any recommendations?

    And don't bother posting more that one VM.
  2. I joined my first forum about 2 and a half years ago, it was a gaming forum, and i only joined because a friend of mine who moved away talked me into it, i never really spent much time there and I haven't been back in awhile. Now I joined my first anime forum about a year and a half ago, and my first forum was pretty much dead.:/ After joining a bunch I found a few that I liked and made some good friends, that I either chat with them in the forum, or at Yahoo, MSN, and Skype. So it's usually the people that help you to decide if you want to stay or not.

    And sorry about 2 VMs but VMs limit just how many letters you can put in each.
  3. Hmm well "net friendships"(as the term is called) are pretty much like offline friendships with all of the good and bad things that friendships come with.

    From my experience it's great making friends online, and just like with friends offline i've fought with them, since it's so easy to develop a misunderstanding online since emoticons can only convey so much emotion.^^
    But the differences online are, you can make a friend, become best friends, have a fight, stop talking to each other for awhile, start talking again, then become friends, and though it'll feel like months have gone by in reality only a week has gone by.
    Plus i've experienced a few "forum crushes", which are awesome.
  4. ok, I see this is a complete new and different world (besides the one I mentioned before, I never joined forums).
    well, I wonder how virtual friendships develop anyway. guess it's nothing comparable to the real world.
    I am curious how it will feel for me and how much I might it might feel like a "real" friendship.
    You've been to several forums before, right? So how things developed from your point of view? When did you join your first one and how long was it interesting enough to stay?
  5. Yeah, it's one of the strange "side effects" of being in a forum, and another side effect is now you're running on "forum time".
    Now forum time is the basically when you chat with people you meet in the forum for a week, it'll feel like you've known them for much longer, like a week will feel like a month or longer. O_O

    It's cool for fast friendships, but it's a little weird getting used to it.^^
  6. ah, I see. strange though I wouldn't expect that, but I am warned now.
  7. Hahaha oh wow i'm sorry, I meant to put "forum" after anime.:P

    And what I meant is, anime forums seem to make people not want to watch anime after awhile, I don't know why it happens, but it does.:/
  8. It's also very nice meeting you - you seem to be very friendly and social!

    to continue the conversation from the thread:
    I didn't quite get your second statement. Was the first anime you watched that bad? What happened? Or do u just like other things more?
  9. Thanks for the friend request!

    And it's very nice meeting you, and like I said in your intro thread you can talk to me if you like.
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