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  1. I work at a gas station for the moment. I understand though, trying to find work out here is hella exhausting.
  2. Are you working? I'm not. I am still trying to find a job.
  3. Yep, 21 and still got no idea where I'm going in my life. XD
  4. My favorite anime are Bleach, death note, full metal alchemist, samurai deeper kyo, and more. I have a lot of favorites. I see you are 21? I'm 23.
  5. Oh my, this is a late reply. Well, first off, thanks for being my friend! far as my favorite anime goes, Saiyuki and Kaichou wa Maid-sama tie for first. What are yours?
  6. Hello!!! My name is Angela. It's nice to meet you!!! What are your favorite anime?
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