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  1. heyyyyy^^ how have you been ? lol havent talked to you in a while lol^^ ttyl
  2. Yes I have Yahoo! ^_^ XdestinedXtoXgameX is my screen-name ^.^
  3. im trying to play thor towers but the game isnt loading >.<
    you have yahoo?
  4. Uh-oh lol. I dont use AIM all that much, I prefer MSN and Yahoo. MSN RAWX! haha!!! And what games are you playing? >_>
  5. yea as soon as i get a comp of my own ill get aim lol i used to have it back in wa but i dont have it anymore =[ but ill get it soon lol^^
    yea right now im at my mom's work just playin games lol
  6. Coolies! ^^ Im just going to be home all day -_- Going to record some music later on. Hey, my AIM is Tfate333
  7. im good^^ =] nothing much just surfing the web and finishing up my history project . so what are you into for today?=]
  8. HEYYYY!!! Whats uppp!!! How are youu?? =] =I =[ =P
  9. hey whats up!^^
    happy new year

    hope you have a good one lol=]
    ttyl ~rose
  10. im just chillen with friends and i might be grounded idk i wont know till saturday lol so yea hopefully itll be a good christmas^^
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