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  1. Thank you ^_^ Nope, no plans at all! What about you????
  2. awww your so sweet^^ thats why im glad we're friends lol
    do you have any plans for the christmas break?=]
  3. THANKIES! ^_^ And YEP, I gave you all my points when I first joined AO
  4. Nov 20, 2007 Donation
    Received katsoyori33 Here,u can have all my all my credits. 204

    i was looking at my credits and noticed this transaction log thingy at the body lol..did you give me some of your credits? lol (a long time ago lol) thank you^^
  5. hey how's it going lol what you been up to lately ?
  6. heyyy^-^ whats been up with you?^^
    just wanted to stop by and say hello^^
  7. lol ive been doing alright just at school doing work lol
    i hope you get better =]
  8. HAHA! HEYYY!! Ive not been doing much. Im sick. lol hbu? How've you been?
  9. hey how's it going i havent talked to you in a minute lol
    what you been up to?
  10. HEY! Whats up! How are ya! Whatcha up to? ROFL stupid 50 character minimum
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