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  1. bf2 is a good game, but one isbetter in some ways.........................................
  2. Metal Gear Online (PS4), Halo 3(360), Call of Duty 4(360), and a few others. I hope to start playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 after I fix my PS2
  3. coooolll!!!!!!!!!!!! what game do you play?????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
  4. Good going ^_^ I also got a better internet connection haha! So Im starting to get back into playing online more
  5. Not too bad. My puter should be fixed soon and then I can play Warcraft!!!!!!! And the internet here just got fixed too!
  6. Heyyyy! Im doing pretty great! How about you?? (50 chars)
  7. Hey big guy. how's it going????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????
  8. So how's it going? Will finally be able to start playing Warcraft soon. Have a modified Mechwarrior thread going in the RPG section.
  9. hey. what's up? been awhile. will be on puter more starting sometime next week or the week after.
  10. that's pretty cool. may i ask on what????????????????????????
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