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  1. Katso!!!!! Hiw is my buddy doing? ^_^ I've missed you, man
  2. well. it's telling me I'm logged in now. watch the puckfaced internet go out again...
  3. I can tell <_< lol. I used to have the same problem when I had dial-up. I now have something better, but not great lol xoxo
  4. grr..... I know... my internet is giving me FITS.... it making me anGrYYYY...........
  5. It says your offline -_- NaomiVaine, right??? Because that's what I added, and it shows that your offline xoxo
  6. hey!! lol. *caughs* spazz... huh? what? who said that? lol It logged me out. but I'm on now. ^ ^ try again
  7. I know you're you. xD OK I WILL! But your not online. xoxo
  8. rofl Your sutch a spazzzzzzzzz. lol. ^ ^ I'm kidding. IM ME, IM ME, IM meeeeeeeee!!!!
  9. I ADDED YOU, I ADDED YOU, I ADDED You, i added you, XOXO
  10. mine's NaomiVaine (that's pretty obvous.) I'm an open book. lol
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