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  1. Um.... Is this the REAL Naomi Vaine or is it her ex?
  2. no... I'm not falling asleep because I'm tired... I'm falling asleep because I'm hipper! lol. of coure I'm tired. ^ ^ lol *hugs you* how have you been these days?
  3. HAHA! HI!!! Why are you falling asleep?? Are ya tired or something???
  4. sleepy.... falling asleep... *falls out of chair* eh... I feel dead with sleepiness...
  5. H E L L O ! h o w a r e y o u ? I ' m g r e a t . I m i s s y o u b u d d y !
  6. hello. I heard you're sick. ^ ^ me too... I have the flu. what do you have? And are you feeling better?
  7. awesome! I'm so glad you love her! that freaking rocks! I looves meh boyfriend aswell. he freaking rules! so, tell me a little about her.
  8. really? that's great!!! what is she like? I bet she's really pretty.
  9. hey buddy. what's been going on? how have you been?
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