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  1. come one dude, step in my shoes, if one get bore, what is the next possible step one should do?....... I think is move on!....... if I get bored I leave for sure!...... but as I said am gonna give it a week to see how much entertaining there is!....

    sorry I forgot to say hello..... well HELLO
  2. No no no! And why leave?! Dont be one of those people who you become aquainted with but then becomes inactive -_-
  3. what? did i say something funny!.... but I will give it one more week before I leave this place!
  4. Haha! Yeeeaahhh... lol
  5. wow a year... that's a lot of time.....
    me i think i been here for a couple of week.... and i seen some good people!
  6. YEAH! I've been here for more then a year now, and I've met alotta good people here
  7. nothing much dude.... just here writing to people.... and there are some good people here, and interesting ones too!
  8. Hahaha!! xD So what's up dude ?
  9. hello! did you log in again?

    that's good to know you're good....yes i said good 3 times.....jijijijijiiijij
  10. Im pretty good lol, Just tired =/
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