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  1. Mwahahahaha =]
  2. Hey my photoshop stopped working :'(
  3. Hey dude can I get the same pic I commented on but with with your whole head upto your tummy? Cuz this pic kinda looks weird when I'm working on it xD
  4. Damn 50 characters. ^_^
  5. Seeya later, seeya later, seeya later, nice talking to you, dude
  6. Meh. I'll try. I have to go now, see ya dude.
  7. Just save yourself the frustration and take an axe to it. Works every time for me xD
  8. Not sure; it's lagging. I think I'm gonna shut it down.
  9. that sucks. What's wrong with it????????????????????????????
  10. Not bad, comp's screwed
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