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  1. Oh COOL!! Its been my tradition here at AO for some time lol
  2. lolz nothing really!! How are you?? Oh wait I am making a group for greeting noobs!!!
  3. KONICHAWA!!!!! How are you???? What have you been up to???
  4. lolz alright. Sure you can. Hmmm.... what do I want though..... Oh I know!!! I want a Kisa and Hiro sig and I just want a Kisa avi!!!! Their from Fruits Basket!!!!
  5. I Can Make You An Avy And Siggy!!!! Can I? Can I? Please????
  6. Hmmm... Well right now I'm downloading some stuff that will help me with graphics and stuff. I'm looking for a new sig and avi and....that's about it. Oh and I'm listening to music.
  7. Oh, just trivial things (I drew some new masterpieces and posted them in the Fanart section, if your interested) Wbu?
  8. lolz I've been great. What about yourself?? Anything interesting??
  9. OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU!!! How've ya BEEN?! (50 chars)
  10. Hi Katsoyori-san!!! It's been a while. ^^ Has been so long that you forgot about me??? I hope not!
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