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  1. Alright I will add you =)
    lol haha i know I get confused with that all the time
  2. I do I have Msn =)
    lol I do but i don't mind it =DD hehe it's fun
  3. Wow, sounds like you've got your hands full
    Hey, um.
    Do you have any messengers??
  4. haha no these people talk to me all the time! lol XD haha
    My ex is laughing at me and my friend is in love with her other friend and she is asking me and my other friend is hitting on me XD
  5. lol, because they miss you ^_^
  6. ohh..well thats good =D haha
    Ahh I am being attacked by people XDD
  7. Haha!
    Im not happy xD
    But Im not depressed either lol
  8. Oh wow thats a long time hunni
    well.. as long as your happy then it's all good =DD
  9. Nope.
    No gfs since the last time we talked
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