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  1. Hey hunni ^^
    how are you? I hope everything is well ^^
  2. Ryomakurosaki-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope you have an awesome birthday and have a cool time in NYC
  4. Awesome ^^ Have fun hun' wish ya band for me ^^ kk
  5. Hey kat!! How are you hun'? lol ^^ How is your band and stuff?
  6. Don't bother. I am over it and him...tell him it's fine he wants to be friends if he wants things to go further he needs to atcually talk to me. But if he doesn't then tell him to forget the fight.
  7. It's fine. Just take advice okay, words cut as deep as knives. Maybe even more
  8. It's not a curse, it's poor choice for words. Remember that it helps in the future
  9. Hey kat I am leaving for a while, I might not see ya again so I am saying laterz umm k
  10. Ok kat since your not chattin with me I am going to log off soon like 2 more mins mmk
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