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  1. huh..justin mad at u..when did u talk to him..he's never on..what happened..well actually i gtg now..sowwie just text me ok..i cant talk while going to work..but i can ya.*huggies*
  2. HAHA! Oh, ok. lol. ...Is Justin mad at me or something?
  3. oh its my dad..whos pressuring me !!>.< ..
    but yeah^.^.i will check the pics out
  4. OH! BTW! I posted new pics in the members gallery!
  5. HAHA! That doesnt sound like you! I thought you didnt wanna go to college lol.
  6. ..u know me too well..i leave in 30 i thought i hop on the net and see whats the newest post.. (^,^) ..i dont get off until 11 pm tonight..i might get on i little before i go to sleep..if not im be back on tom off tom .!!! YYEEAAAHH!!! ..i work to much..i need a break finally..tom is my only day that i will have off all this week O.o..i work like 45 hours a week..(thats overtime) tried! wanna quit..but i gotta make so money i can got to college..>.< the only thing i have time for anymore..its my relaxing place..thats why me here more often now..
  7. Hello! How are you? And your getting ready to go to work I bet. lol
  8. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????
  9. yeah..>.<..thats a bunch of sowwie the other site..i was didnt matter..a post was a post..and i feel we were on the tpoic..i would not post if it didnt..but w/e..
  10. HEY! I got some notifications from a bot and they called what I posted in the topic "Favorite Bands and Why?" spam. They said that I posted spam! :-[
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