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  1. Hello deathwinds! the kind of games i like are fighting,GrandTheftAuto,Dance games,fantasy games,and..I like a lot. I have DTRacer,GTA San Andreas & Vice City. What about you? ~Also,How R U? n_n
  2. don't have to Thank what games do you like
  3. Hi deathwinds! my school days are o.k. i was bored today,cause i didn't have to go to school.Today,was when parents go and get report cards. So,no school. Thanks for the compliment about my group! XD
  4. for me i'm tired because of school umm... how's your school days?...^.^ and you group seems good
  5. hi deathwinds! yeah,i would like to be friends!n_n,also,how ya doin? hope ya doin',im fine.also,would you like to join my group? AnimeLoverGeneration!!!,hope you have a liking to it.n_n bye
  6. hi there if you like we can be friends.....>,<...
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