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  1. ~! Do you have a thief's ring in your possession, Abu? That really helps reduce the incidence of those flying manta attacking you. It would also help if you purchase the Long Bow from that graverobber in world 4-1. Using arrows, you can lure those silver/gold skeletons and take them out one at a time. Some stupid skeletons even roll off the cliffs and die when you shoot them with arrows... Having good spells helps also, but a solid (melee) weapon is all it takes to get through this level. Hope that helps, and let me know how it goes.

    Could I ask what levels/worlds you finished in this game? And have you and Soshi played co-op yet? It's mighty fun.

    Oh, here's my younger sister (akimocchan) playing this game (world 4-1) with her friends: Video. Hilarious bunch!
  2. No prob with the late response!
    ( ^o^) school does have a way with eating up time!

    Anyways, Soshi has taken a break from Demon's Souls to work on stages in LittleBigPlanet! he's been building a grand tower!

    as for me, i'm stalled in the second stage of the storm world. i can't take out the flying manta rays becuz i'm only good with a crossbow and those don't do well in long range. and if i can get passed them, the ghost skeletons take me out! !

    any advice?
  3. Sorry for the delayed response, again.

    I would have to go with The Penetrator as my favorite boss. I really enjoyed that battle, playing alone against him. For me, that was the most challenging fight in this game. In terms of atmosphere, I liked the battle with the boss -- Maiden Astraea. I remember letting my character die in that level because I didn't feel like killing her or the guy who is protecting her.

    As for other characters - I like Yuria (she's a cutie) and Miralda (love her evil laugh). Don't worry about Ostrava, he will make his appearance again. You shall see as you proceed further in the game.

    Where are you and Soshi in this game now? Almost done or finished, I am guessing?
  4. my favorite boss? hmm. . . i haven't gone against many bosses yet, i guess the Tower Knight! i always die when i go against him, but he's just so cool! . . . and big!

    as for character people, i really like the Woman in Black! she seems so nice! and it's so cute when she sits on the steps and kicks her feet!

    and Ostrava of Boletaria is pretty cool, so princely! he's not in my story anymore though, i accidentally hit him while i was fighting and he didn't like that

    oh, and Yuria is adorable!

    who is your favorite? ?
  5. Way to go, Abu! Being invaded is fun and so is invading others. I only invaded four times thus far. Three out of four times, I helped the other player by killing demons in their way. And two of those times the other player killed me by hitting off the edge, haha.

    I like playing with dual katana. Didn't like using a shield too often.

    You both will have loads of fun playing alongside! That's one of the aspects in this game I liked the most. Who is your favorite boss or any other character of this game so far?
  6. (continued)
    anyways, Soshi is at level 60 with his thief right now, but he's waiting for me to level up so we can hopefully team up together! i'm about level 40 with my Priest, but still haven't switched my armor or weapons! the other armors i find to be too heavy (eat up my endurance) or not strong enough. and honestly, nothing feels better than bashing in heads with a mace! i am working on turning into a Blessed mace though!

    what sort of stuff does Kedar use?
  7. (continued)
    then a couple minutes later, the guy comes back! this time i chased him through that brick tunnel with all the miner guys (thank God none of them hit me!). he tried to get the Fat King guy to strike me with fire. but then Soshi had a great idea!

    see, it was right next to that big elevator so Soshi told me to turn it on so it would go down! that way, the guy would have to call up the elevator to get me back up. this would force him to fight me close range, something i excel in!

    just as Soshi said, he brought up the elevator but then as soon as he did i turned it on so we went down! then we fought it out on the elevator, and then the ground, and then i won! hurray!

    invaded by two phantoms at once? that's crazy! maybe they found a glitch in the system. i know there's a way to get 3 allies to fight demons, so maybe it's a similar way to get two phantoms?

    . . . .. . . . .. .
  8. no worries about late responses! it is medical school after all!

    i have been invaded several times, but thanks to Soshi coaching me through the fight, i win most times!

    the first time i entered world 5-1 was the first time i lost to a black phantom. i was going against those skeleton guy, but then this lady dressed as Yuria came out of nowhere! i barely had enough time to cast my subdue (or hidden in English) soul, and by then she had already locked on. . . and in one minute i was already dead. . .

    there was another time when i was invaded twice by the same guy! it was in world 2-2, and i literally had nothing to protect myself! i didn't have my Hidden soul spell, none of my special rings, and i only had the weakest grass equipped! he tried to lure me through the tunnels, but he forgot that the path he took went straight to a giant pit

    . .. . .. . .
  9. Are you two pretty much cruising through the game now? Have you been invaded yet, Abu? Please share any of your stories! Oh, and I had a fun time reading what Soshi got to say about Demon's souls.

    Sorry for the late response - school and clinicals are grilling me in and out.
  10. Since you mentioned black phantoms, I remember being invaded by three of them once in world 1-1, when I set off to fight Miralda, who I totally forgot about. It was weird. I heard stories from my friends who got invaded by two when they were playing on their own. I wonder how that could even happen if your are not playing co-op with a friend online.

    But anyways! I lured two of them towards the execution grounds in world 1-1. One guy kept rolling towards me and accidentally rolled off the edge. I got lucky there. The other one was a barbarian, and I took him on easily. The third guy was magician, who constantly kept casting spells on me - which he missed all except one. He began to run away when I kept getting close to him. He eventually got himself on fire in 1-1, and died with hit off my sword. It was great feeling seeing them all die. What a crazy glitch!
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