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  1. Not sure if you will ever see this but my wife and I had a baby! Just wanted to reach out and see how you were doing bud.
  2. Hello, Chief-san!
    I hope this message finds you well. Please excuse my late reply. I want to say life's been hectic, but then again that would be half the truth. I just haven't been checking up on this place like I used to. Anyways, how have you been? Is there a baby in the works yet?
  3. Sup Bud! Hope you are doing well! Shoot me a message if you get on sometime!
  4. monkey is online and I see him.... hopes he is doing well
  5. Really great, how my is my friend doing?
  6. Monkey! what ya doing
  7. Nothing too much on my end, been really busy working on a gallery for AV (pretty close with a release version...maybe by end of June) will be something like what is on animepaper. Other than that just working and trying to keep up with my girl. So you must tell me monkey...any sweeties in your life?
  8. Bro, how have you been?
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