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  1. Actually, no, it's a school thing. I'm going to study! ^^

    Waah, quite a long and varied list @_@ haha Hope you manage to get everything accomplished~ ^^

    A year? Aw >.< So it's good you'll see them soon!
  2. China huh? With friends I suppose? Well, I hope you will have a pleasant trip, and share some pictures (with you in 'em! =P) with us if you may will.

    ~! Let's see: 1) Get a boating license and do some sailing, 2) purchase an SLR (single lens reflex) camera and work on enhancing my photography skills, 3) learn tap dancing, 4) read all the books that are stacked on my "to-read" pile, 5) watch my favorite ballerina perform on stage, among other things

    It has been almost a year since I saw them... I especially miss my mom and my adorable little sister. ~_~
  3. Not an overkill amount, but yes.

    I'm going to China ^^

    What have you been wanting to do? And that'll be nice to see your parents, huh? ^^ When's the last time you saw them?
  4. Good job! Did you party much, Mahiru?

    May I ask what's on your itinerary? No, I haven't the money to stalk you, don't worry! =P

    Well, as for me.. I will be working on Drug-DNA studies in a research lab this summer, and hopefully I will have some time to do all the things I have been wanting to do. But more importantly, my family will be coming over to visit me. I totally can't wait to see them!!!
  5. I have been pretty good, too ^^

    My first year of college, my grades were a little lower than I would have liked, but overall it was fine. And I'm going out of the country soon, and won't be back for two months, so I might have an exciting summer! haha

  6. I have been wonderful, Mahiru! Your turn?

    Oh, and how was college? Have you any plans for this summer?
  7. Uh-uh, nope, not going there. You answer me first, please~!
  8. So anyways, how have you been, Mahiru?
  9. *rolls eyes*
    You know what I meant! And I left for dinner!
  10. Of course I haven't forgotten you, silly.
    How have you been?
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