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  1. Gah darn! I knew it was too obvious sheesh... people been talking about me and her? Right?

    Sure ^^ i
  2. Yeah, the love beans have been spilled all over the boards. =P
    Glad you both are doing well! Don't hesitate to message me whenever you want to talk about stuff.
  3. good to hear that a warrior monk have to stay well or the world would be in chaos!

    Ahh,.. you know about that too @.@ word spreads like rain... where the water would flow real quick everywhere... geez...

    We are doing great thank you for asking ^^ Where did you find out anyway? Or.. is it.. too obvious?
  4. Never been better, my friend! How are you and Lasura doing? =)
  5. How are ya? ^^

    Hmm... gee.. so bored *yawns*
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