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  1. Well since we last talked I was probably in middle school, SO a lot has happened. High school and soon college, got one semester left. We have finals in a couple weeks for first semester. Really involved in music. That's pretty much it!
  2. Haha, yes. Someone must have unearthed me from my slumber. =p
    Just been really busy with school and clinicals, is all, my friend. Tomorrow is a sad reminder, since it marks a brand new semester. v.v How is life on your side of the world? Hope that all is well.
  3. Hey are you back from the grave!!??!?!?!?? Maybe I just haven't noticed you, but I thought you were gone or something.
  4. Hey man, I haven't talked to you in like... jeez what's it been... I wanna say 3 years.
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