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  1. Kedar-さん、明けましたおめでとう!元気ですか? 私は3月に日本に移住して!! 私は教職を得た。
  2. Kedar!!! I don't know if you will ever see this message.... But I'm gonna show ya some Luv *pounce, glomp and hugs Kedar* ^___________^
  3. Hello Wise Kedar, *glomps, pounces and hugs Kedar*

    I wish that the new year is a happy one for you. And it has started off nicely.

    I hope everything is going well for you ^___^
  4. Hello Wise- Kedar *glomp, pounce, hugs*

    that is all.. well except to really leave a message for when ever your online next time.. who knows maybe my randomness might make you giggle a little.
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