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1470079310-The long-suffering chief of Unit 237- Charles Augustus Garner- now Territorial Sector Chief for the 3WA and UG.

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Jul 30, 2009, 02:34 PM
Angels & Tomos 1
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  1. keimanzero

    Just had to post this one of Chief Garner (above) and this one of Chief Poporo (below)

    A few more chapters and then Wings will be on the homestretch folks. I only have a few more pages in my tablet before I catch myself and have to decide how to finish this up. One of the Unholy Four almost goes to the Pearly Gates and the Nova Hellsing returns with some new crew members. Will Dooku and Thrawn fall as easily as Zorin did? Where is Zack Zero all this time and how's the 'Outlaw Star' doing? And just what do they have in store for the 'Black Knights' and Kallen Steadfast? Lelouch deBrittania aka Zero won't be with them though. Why? He's the yard boss on 'Gysymeo'- remember? Want another pix? OK- this one's a mystery photo so see i you recognize it and I'll tell you who it is when I post Ch 56. See ya- K&K

    Thanks a lot for all the well wishes and birthday greetings for my Mama who is 83 today! Time to go- K&K
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