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    That is our very own tv anime babe mascot up there folks! Kudos and domo arigatou to our own highteckdudu for Neko Olson the shapeshifting nekomata trill girl- Yay!

    By the way tomorrow 18 March is Classic Yuri's birthday so HB to Yuri. Her Flash twin's was 3 March. No more Angelic birthdays until 27 Nov (Classic Kei) and then 1 Jan (Flash Kei). Haruka's is in November too but I don't recall the date offhand.

    Hey hazu! This is something I just started doing for you die hard tv viewing anime-a-holics out there! Ya know that www.animeontv.com has MOST tv anime viewing information and it is cool. However, it does NOT list the ComcastOnDemand anime programming which changes frequently. So I have decided to run a twice monthly COD anime guide as a file at my EONS/anime-a-holics website and to post it here and at my blogs too. I will update/post it around the first and fifteenth (Yeah I know this is the 17th but I'm running late this month) of each month. Here is March's update as of today:

    Monthly Anime on TV Viewing Guide for Anime (and some cartoons) Programming on ComcastOnDemand Channels:

    MARCH 2009- Updated 17 Mar 09


    Big O (Ep 22)
    Code Geass (Ep 12)
    Death Note (Eps 23 to 25)
    Ghost in the Shell/SAC (Eps 1, 2 and 3)
    InuYasha (Eps 120 to 123)


    Aquarion (Eps 6 to 10)
    Black Cat (Eps 19 to 23)
    XXXHolic (Eps 6 to 8)

    COD/CE/AnimeSelects/Sci Fi Scramble

    Burst Angel (Eps 17 to 20)
    Escaflowne (Eps 25 to 26)(Includes final episode)
    Shingu (Eps 1, 2 and 3)


    BECK (Eps 21 to 24)
    GTO (Eps 31 to 33)
    Piano (Eps 1-2)) (Gal piano whiz, moody teacher, gal loses interest in piano, stops practicing, etc.)
    School Rumble (Eps 18 to 20)
    Suzuka (Eps 19 to 23)


    Azumanga Daioh (Eps 8-9)
    DN Angel (Eps 2-3)
    Fumoffu (Eps 8-9)
    To Heart (Eps 10-11)
    Valkyrie (Eps 3-4)
    Wedding Peach (Ep 22)
    Clannad (Ep 1)(This anime's new to me too)


    Gunslinger Girl (Eps 1-2)(Read my blog re GG. Orphaned cyborg girls trained to kill. The Social Welfare Agency- Section 2 of the Italian government is a junior version of Ghost in the Shell's Section 9. Cool dialogue and great music!)


    Nothing this time tomos. Sorry.


    Total Drama Island (Cartoon but animeish fun. Better than 'Survivor' reality game show which it mimics!) (Eps 9 to 13 and Winners Special episode)
    Secret Saturdays (Cartoon or anime? Very like old Johnny Quest shows)(Eps 3 to 9)
    Blue Dragon (Another could be an/car but a good storyline and characters too)(Eps 22 to 27)
    Bakugan (Eps 1 to 4)(Dueling tops to save the world BION! Small fry fare)


    Iron Man (Cartoon but animelike)
    Titles: Data In-Chaos Out; mGrim Reaper; Silence Companion
    Spiderman (Ditto as above)
    Titles: Menace of Mysterio; Sting of Scorpion; Spider Slayer; Spider-Slayers
    Pucca (Chop Socky fun cartoon)
    Titles: Chop Chewie; Pucca's Fishy Tale; Tame That Toon
    Yin Yang Yo! (Cartoon like 'Avatar the Last Airbender' and pretty decent)
    Titles: Camp Magic Pants; Inconvenient Tooth; Skirting the Issue; Smorks
    X-Men (Could be an or car. A great series and great flicks. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine in films hosted the Oscars)
    Titles: Captive Hearts; Deadly Reunions; Puccaptra; Slave Island; X-Men: Cold
    Aaron Stone
    Titles: First Strike, Hero Rising (Parts 1-2), Timeout


    Thundercats (A very rare anime and Mama has been after it for years!) (Eps 107 to 112)
    Batman Beyond (Animelike cartoon w/ old Bruce training new Batman) (Eps 112-113)
    The Batman (Cool animelike cartoon w/ Rimo (Ray's bro) Romano as the Batman) (Eps 208 to 212)


    Fantastic Four (Ep 5)


    Voltron: Fleet of Doom (A classic anime)
    City of Ember (Save the glittering city!)


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Titles: Notes Underground (Ep 3); The King; Back to Sewer #1; Shredder Back (Parts 1-2)
    Yugioh Exclusive
    Titles: Mechanical (Part 2); Settling Score (Parts1-2); Noah's Secret; Yugi 5 D's #1
    Chaotic (Weird one but a cartoon) (Eps 127-128 and 141)
    Dino King (Another oldie weirdo cartoon) (Eps 134-135)


    Spiderman (Cosmic Quantum- Eps 4 and 17. CQ is in almost every Kab section here)(Kids Who Rip- Eps 3-4)(Spiderman- Eps 8 to 10)
    Action Extreme (Code Lyoko- Ep 15)(CQ- Ep 17)(GI Joe- Ep 8)(Godzilla- Ep 3)(Ghostbusters- Ep 10)(Men in Black- Ep 1)(SpiderMan- Ep 8)(Transformers- Ep 12)
    GI Joe (CQ 4)(GI Joe- Eps 8-9)(Kids Who Rip- Ep 3)
    Transformers(Transformers- Eps 11-12 and 15)
    Godzilla (CQ 4) (Godzilla- Eps 3-4)
    Code Lyoko and More (CQ 4) (Code Lyoko- Eps 15 and 18-19)(CL is re kids travelling to and from a virtual world 'Lyoko' (which means travel or trip in Japanese) ruled by a rogue program 'XANA')
    Ghostbusters(CQ- Ep 4)(Ghostbusters- Eps 10-11)
    Men in Black(CQ- Ep 4)(Men in Black- Eps 1-2 and 14)

    COD/TopPicks/Channel 1 Challenge

    Anime Challenge 1 (Try your luck at anime trivia)


    Origami (Japanese art of paper folding)
    Hometown Recipes (Like Chicago style pizza)

    That's all the FREE anime/cartoons on demand but there quite a few Pay Per View Ones here:

    COD/Movies & Events/AnimeNetwork

    These run $3.99 per volume:

    Mahoromatic (Vols 4)
    Tsukihime (Vols 2-3)

    These require a $14.99 monthly fee. Check with Comcast but I think that covers all of this particular channel's offerings:


    Elf Princess Rane (Ep 1)
    Step Up Love (Eps 1-2)
    Grenadier (Touch 4)
    MD Geist 1
    Hills Have Size (Ep 2)(Hills are 'yabbas' as Danny says her big bro calls 'em in 'Hocus Pocus'!)(Most of these PPV animes are definitely not for the kids!)

    From now on I'll post this list twice monthly and I'll keep it under 'Files' rather than 'Messages' or 'Blogs' (at www.Eons.com/groups/group/anime-a-holics/Files)

    By the way Eons Help is correcting our blogs posting problems. They are tweaking the systems which is why we cannot carry out certain actions here. I am posting chapters under blogs thus:

    The 'teaser' beginning of the chapter on blog's first page and the balance in the reply.

    Hope you guys and gals like this new method of posting tv lists. A reminder that Sci Fi's
    AniMonday at 11 PM ET is a double eppy of 'Gurren Lagann' (BGR anime) and a double eppy of 'The Rave Master' (a hilarious swords/sorcery anime a la InuYasha and TWHE as well as Onepiece. Cool series especially the location names like 'Hip Hop City' OK the 'Rave' gives Haru Glory's sword power but to defeat the evil ShadowGuards will require four 'Rave Stones' which have been scattered all across the world like the shards of the Shi Kon no Tama in IY and the spell fragments on TWHE!) .

    Anyway that's all the anime for tonight. Tomorrow at 2:30 AM we'll have HellGirl followed by WitchBlade. Hey WitchBlade the film (with Sarah Pezzini not Masane Amaha- yech!) will hit theatres in a month or so as will DragonBall and Death Note is already out there showing. Many more anime based flicks are coming soon and they are filming Bebop with Keanu Reeves in Dave's role as Spike Steigel. For Jett I'd pick LF- Larry Fishburne or even MF- Morgan Freeman. Denzel Washington or Samuel L Jackson don't fit the mold. How about Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana as 'Ed' and Lindsay Lohan as Faye Valentine? (Rafe) Donnelly could be Tommie Lee Jones. Hey I oughta be a Hollywood cast finder eh? Gad, I wonder how much of a muckup they'll make of the 'Bebop', 'Swordfish II', 'Redtail' and 'Hammerhead'? I don't think Ed's power scooter had a name although we all know the computer she wore on her head with 'goggle monitors' was named 'Tomato'!

    Well that's it for this time. Enjoy and toodles tomos watashi-K&K
  2. Gomen hazu I mean I'm sorry gang but I just noticed that my profile phot was NOT the one that highteckdudu made for me personally so I just changed it!

    That is the Flash Angels Kei (blondish tomboy) and Yuri (violet-maned vixen minx) up there and again a big domo arigatou to highteckdudu for that pix and the kawaii ones of Neko whom she has graciously allowed me to include as a character in both of my fanfics- Xmas with the DP and Angel Wings. The two of them are posted here at ANOL and I just posted Ch 43 of AW.

    I am going to post the entire AW Chapters Titles List here:


    1- 'Creature From the Black Lagoon' or 'The Angels Meet Revy Roberts'

    2- 'A Spoiled Drink' or 'The Returns Begin'

    3- 'Another Doctor?' or 'Ninjas On the Loose!'

    4- 'Reunion In Time?' or 'Closing Problems- Again?'

    5- 'Revy's Raiders' or 'Turtles and Reapers and Ninjas- Oh My!'

    6- 'Shinigami Shenanigans' or 'Book Of the Dead?'

    7- 'Revy Rocks the Ark' or 'Feudal Funk'

    8- 'Two Cats' or 'The Doctor's Sunbird'

    9- 'Peri Meets Snow White' or 'Jonins In Jeopardy'

    10- 'An Apple A Day' or 'The Spies Who Came In From the Cold'

    11- 'Snake In the Bays' or 'Mandy In the Morning'

    12- 'Oz Meets Wonderland?' or 'Turmoil On the Holodecks?'

    13- 'Two Katanas Are Better Than One?' or 'Whose Woman Are You, Kaggie?'

    14- 'Lock Up Your Valuables- Lupin's Back!' or 'Peri Makes A New Tomo'

    15- 'The Galactic Gate' or 'Pray That This Works, Folks!'

    16- 'Revy Meets the Major' or 'Strange Bedfellows'

    17- 'Ice Road In Space?' or 'Space Age Truckers?'

    18- 'Basilisk Or Bust!' or 'Rampage On Rygiel'

    19- 'Angelic Contract- Again?' or 'Johnny's Back!'

    20- 'Johnny's Angelic Insurance Policy' or 'Raven To the Rescue'

    21- 'Raven's daring Plan' or 'Viscious's Hospitality Suites'

    22- 'Of Gysymeo And Galthorgs' or 'Iceroading In Style'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418783" >

    23- 'Angel In Peril' or 'Reaper Roundup'

    24- 'Goodbye Gysymeo' or 'Ice Brigade Decision' (In two parts here and three at animeonline.net)

    25- 'Ice Roar 'The 'Kitten' That Couldn't Be Tamed'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/429556" >

    26- 'A Nefarious Plot' or 'Aizu (Eyes) In the Shadows?'

    27- 'The Final Solution' or 'Yuri Hunts A Ghost'

    28- 'Ghostly Gambit' or 'Kei Makes A Deal'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418799" >

    29- 'Springing A Trap' or 'Kei Keeps A Promise'

    30- 'Talk or Die' or 'Blue eets A Pirate From the Past'

    31- 'Angelic Travel Plans?' or 'New Navvie?'

    32- 'PNO'-'Navigational Nightmares' or 'Nami Joins the 3WA'

    33- 'What's In A Name?' or 'The Boss, the 'Glave' and the 'Beast'- 'Krull'!'

    34- 'Mithril Battle Armour' or 'Back to School'

    35- 'The Scarecrow of Jakotsu' or 'Sally Tells the Truth'

    36- 'Daddy Calls It Quits' or 'The Brat Awakens'

    37- 'The Siege That Never Was' or 'Heaven Is A Quiet Holodeck'

    38- 'Secret Talks' or 'Designated Driver'

    39- 'Tapping A Supernova' or 'Ariadne's Thread'

    40- 'The Two Towers' or 'Kei Cracks the Code'

    41- 'The Gladys Solution' or 'Final Preparations'

    42- 'The Queen of Supernovas' or 'The Guardians Explain'

    43- 'Hyugan Transfusion' or 'Shadow In the Bays'

    44- 'Message From the Garden' or 'Big Game Rematch'

    45- 'We'll Leave the Lights On For You' or 'Team Rosters'

    46- 'The Big Game II- First Quarter' or 'A Strange Start'

    47- 'The Big Game II- Second Quarter' or 'Making Three the Hard Way'

    48- 'The Big Game II- Halftime' or 'Desperation Time/Pep Rally'

    49- 'The Big Game II- Third Quarter' or 'Using All Your Options'

    50- 'The Big Game II- Fourth Quarter' or 'Out of Time In More Ways Than One'

    51- 'Fire Meets Oak' or 'Hide 'N Seek?'

    52- 'Garner's Mysterious Relay' or 'Annie Oakley- AD 2251 Style'

    53- 'Charlie's Secret' or 'The Angels and Kome Get A New Toy'

    54- 'Honour Amongst Thieves' or 'The Dwarf's Discovery'

    I thought 50 would do it but there's no end in sight yet! Let's try for a round 60 eh? Maybe 65?

    More soon after I post some new blogs.


    PS- Very soon I'll be posting the entire Chapters Titles List (184) for my very first fanfiction 'Christmas With the Dirty Pair' which is included here in its entirety.
  3. LA KEI Interview (As Promised)-Part 1
    posted 1 day ago
    Lovely Angel Kei's Interview (at last!)
    Premise: Kei and I are here today at the 3WA training base station
    and I thought it would make a great opportunity to use our break
    period to let all you folks out there find out something about what
    my Lovely Angel, Kei, has been up to of late. We will also update you
    on our lives ever since we first met each other all those years ago.
    Mugghi and Nammo are here with us while we all test out some new
    weapons recently installed on the Lovely Angel. So for purposes of
    this interview I am the Keiman(KM) while she is Kei. Wherever I make
    reference to another character and/or series it will be so noted in
    brackets as well as all tones of voice and/or actions. Here we go:-

    KM: Good afternoon, Kei.
    Kei: Hi Bossman, what's up?

    KM: What have you been up to lately?
    KeiConfused) Er, you already know that, sir.

    KM:Yes, Kei-I know but your fans don't.
    Kei:Oh OK-gotcha! I'm cool but sometimes I miss the vacuumhead!

    KM:Er, Kei, do you mean Yuri?
    Kei: Of course, who else?

    KM: OK, just try to be nice today, please?
    Kei: Alright, I'll be good (Giggles)

    KM:Now what have you been doing lately?
    Kei: Well, we've been here testing new weapons. They just installed a
    supercool sonic disruptor beam cannon on the ship and I can't wait to
    play with it! Yesterday, I remodified my power blaster and now I can
    hit the bull (target) from 187 meters with pinpoint accuracy! Oh,
    sorry you meant besides work, didn't you sir? Well, last night we all
    went to the Shangri-La Casino (see Original Dirty Pair-Episode 5) and
    I won 80 thousand credits playing meteor! They have really fixed that
    place up nice since the last time we were there. And we ran into Faye
    (Cowboy Bebop) and Vash(Trigun) too.

    KM: I know all about that. I had one devil of a time talking you and
    Faye out of turning in Vash for the 60 billion double dollars reward!
    Kei: Well, technically he is a criminal, ain't he?

    KM: Yes but not in our jurisdiction; anyway he's a good guy after
    all. Incidentally, you and Yuri never even tried to recapture Caldy
    (see DP Flash-Mission 2/Act 3) after that hot springs tour fiasco on
    World's World did you? And he was a wanted felon on our turf! Why he
    even conned you a couple of times, didn't he?
    KeiAngrily) You promised NEVER to bring that issue up again!

    KM:OK! Have you heard from Yuri recently? Even though you both still
    work for the 3WA (Yuri is still in Poporo's section) you now work for
    Gustav in Unit 9 so you don't see each other there too often, do you?
    Kei: No, sir we don't but we do keep in touch via email and vidphone
    pretty regularly. She vidded me last night. Of course, she can't
    stand her new partner Kumi(on loan to us from the ATC where she
    protects Momiji's Blue Seed from the Aragami). She says Kumi's motto
    is "If you got ammo, keep shooting!" Anyway WE get all the tough
    missions and that purple-headed punching bag (see DPF-Mission 2/Act
    2) gets all the easy ones!

    KM: Now, Kei, that is not avery nice thing to say, is it? And after
    you promised to be good.
    KeiSulkily) OK Sorry. Maybe Yuri doesn't get all the easy jobs but
    it sure as Hell seems like it! And she got to keep little Mugghi too!

    KM: But you and Marlene(Marlene Angel is Kei's new partner-on loan
    from Earth II where she protects Earth from the Blue Gender Blues
    monsters) got big Mugghi and Nammo (their robot is Nammo and Mugghi
    is a genetically engineered android not unlike a huge kitty cat),
    didn't you? And each of your teams got a new Lovely Angel starship to
    use. Could we be fairer than that? (Perhaps I should explain that the
    Central Computer goofed again. It assigned two Lovely Angels team
    codenames: Yuri/Kumi are Lovely Angels 1 while Kei/Marlene are Lovely
    Angels 2. Kei's team is now part of Unit 9 and their chief is Gustav.
    Yuri/Kumi is still part of the old department section and their chief
    is Poporo). And Yuri told me that Kumi causes more destruction than
    you usually do.
    KeiShocked) Trouble, me? I don't know what you mean, sir.

    KM: Yes you do, Miss Kei! Oh well I guess the cat's out of the bag
    now folks so I'll tell you. I, the Keiman, am really Kei's new
    section chief at Unit 9-Gustav (My cousin is Chief Gazelle of Galaxy
    Cup Volleyball Tourney fame-see DPF-Mission 3/Act 3 for details).
    Kei: Sorry, sir! I guess I gave you away, didn't I? (Giggles

    KM:OK now where were we? Oh, yeah, how is Yuri really doing? You know
    what I mean; I believe she vidded you last evening?
    KeiEcstatic) Oh wow I almost forgot! She just ran into this real
    cool guy in Florida (his name is Wilbury I think) on the beach. She's
    there modeling or some such crap. And she is truly GONE over him man!
    He must be a hunk to turn Yuri on full blast like that; she couldn't
    shut up about how great he was through the whole call! She really
    seems to like him a lot and who knows? Remember how she almost got
    hitched to Kyarine (see ODP-Episode 6 for details) on that island a
    few years back? Yeah, I know I probably blew it for them by crashing
    the wedding as a nun but I was trying to complete a mission at the
    time, wasn't I?

    KM: Did you have to destroy the whole damned church? Chief Gooley's
    stomach was doing somersaults for weeks after that!
    Kei: Sorry, oh, Yuri has also been singing at some of those Karaoke
    clubs over there too. She really does have a great voice you know.

    KM: I know. Er, your voice isn't half bad either, Kei.
    KeiBlushing) Oh, you're just saying that Chief.

    KM: No really. I've heard you do that Non-stop Angel number ("In Love
    With Thrills") and you're good! When you, er, absented yourself from
    the 3WA on that hiatus, wasn't one of your jobs singing in a club?
    Kei: First I quit the 3WA whether Garner accepted my resignation or
    not! Yuri thought I quit too, which was why the little son-- er I
    mean the true blue trocon decided to follow me to Waldess's
    cruiseship and arrest me for carrying an illegal weapon (see DPF-
    Mission 1/Acts 1 to 6 for details). I wonder if she ever discovered
    who was backing her up when she was inside Kapp's head; of course
    Garner got me to do it for her. But that's all water under the
    brifdge now. Anywho, I hope this Wilbury guy works out for the kid, I
    really do! I'm two months older than Yuri you know. Oh yeah and to
    get back to your previous (is that right?) question sir-we did get
    big Mugghi and Nammo and Yuri does love that furball Mugghi a lot. By
    the way, Chief, would you believe that on World's World (see DPF-
    Mission 2/Act 1) that idiot couldn't tell the difference between a
    real cat and an android one with a bomb in it! If I hadn't have
    grabbed that thing outta her arms she'd've been toast!
  4. LA KEI Interview (As Promised)- Part 2 A

    GRATITUDE: I want to thank each and every one who has assisted me
    over these past few months since I rediscovered anime in a big way. I
    especially wanna thank Nozmo, Wim, Mr. Wilbury, the Lovely Angels,
    the Extraordinary Kei Shrine, Dirty Pair Flash Fanatics, Jeff,
    YuriandKeifanatics, Tom Mitchell, and of course Kei thanks all of her
    devoted fans (as does Yuri and Gustav) whether or not they read this
    rather long interview with my fave animebabe, lovely Kei. Without
    their able help and guidance I could have never achieved this
    hallmark in my life. Maybe someday with their aid I will be able to
    establish my own "Lovely Angel Kei" website. Thank you all from the
    bottom of Keiman's heart and as Kei observed "Keep yer blaster on the
    bull". Domo Arigato Tomah Ours and Sayonara from the Keiman and Kei.

    Visit the AnimeonTV web site at view link

    Here's how Naruto and the kids at Hidden Leaf Village celebrate Thanksgiving:-

    Here's a happy holiday Kurusumasu tree for ya.

    Special two for Blaine- Here are first Lovely Angel Kei:-

    This is Lovely Angel Yuri:-

    Special domo arigatou for this one to highteckdudu from animeonline.net- Neko (Olson) the shapeshifting neko mata trill (the way I first saw her):-

    This is a mystery character (OK of course I know where she's from but er do you?) courtesy of DragonBall the former moderator at animeonline.net so enjoy! Hint- This is from a really old anime folks:-

    Last but not least again I am indebted to highteckdudu for this pix of Neko who or is it whom I made not only into a shapeshifting nekomata trill (she can turn into a cat like Yoruichi does on Bleach) but also into Jon Harlock's navigator and third in command behind his exec on the 'Botany Bay 2' (Khan stole the first BB ship) and she's a gun freak like Kei O'Halloran and her 2140 counterpart Keisie. Keisie is the one that blew the rift in the universe in AD 2140 thus plunging things into utter chaos which her AD2249-2253 counterpart KO had to fix in Xmas w/ the DP (my first ff) and now she's back in the same role in Angel Wings where she is partnered with Revy Roberts from 'Black Lagoon' and Roanapur in SE Asia on Terra. OK- here's oro Revy looks like along with her Terran cohorts. However, Rock Obajime (computer whiz a la Tomah Jordan of the 3WA) is the only one who accompanied her to the Academy on Shimougou. Here she is with from left to right Benny, Rock, Revy is the nasty looking auburn-maned beauthy with folded arms and on the right that's their 'fearless leader' Dutch. Oro are they? They're mercs or more accurately killers for hire although they do protection work and bounty stuff from time to time. The lynx-like neko (cat) in the pix below the group shot is Neko (the way she looks now I guess but you'd have to ask HTDD about that folks):-

    As per usual at the very bottom left hand corner we have LA Kei with the Mark XIII ion cannon and LA Yuri behind her in the fur coat and she's got a Mark III miniblaster in her hot little fist! Kei considers anything smaller than a Mark XII ion cannon or a Mark XI disruptor pistol a peashooter or a toy! Her faves are the long barrelled Marks (XX, XXI, XXX, XXXI etc) which resemble rocket launchers like the 90 MM recoilless rifle and the old 3.5 rocket launcher aka a bazooka!

    Gotta go but happy animeing and as usual keep posting folks!

    Note- Pix are posted on main messages boards.
  5. LA KEI Interview (As Promised)- Part 2
    posted 1 day ago
    KM: Er, incidentally, all during that Siren (see DPF-Mission 1/Acts 1
    to 6) incident you two were never once referred to by that name, were
    you? And since then everyone seems to call both teams the Dirty-
    KeiMad as Hell) Don't say it!

    KM:OK they probably all know it by now anyway (I am referring to
    the "Dirty Pair" moniker of course. Put that blaster away, young
    lady, right now!). By the way, there is something that I have always
    been curious about.
    KeiSnickering) What's that sir?

    KM:When you were sent to Eden (see "Project EDEN" file), it seems the
    first thing you did was to search the mines. You came across several
    troughs filled with filthy, contaminated and for all you knew,
    radioactive waste water. Whatever possessed the two of you to decide
    to strip off and bathe in it?
    KeiGiggling) Well it seemed like a good idea at the time sir.

    KM: Luckily yiu both survived that ordeal. To return to my previous
    statement, when exactly and under what circumstances did you two
    become known by that name? I believe that may have been before I met
    Kei: Yeah, it was long before that Chief. It was our first mission
    and we called it the "Brian" disaster(see Classic TV-Episode
    1). "Brian" was the computer controlling all functions of the
    Damocles Tower in Elinore City on Shimougou and we lived there on the
    35th floor in an apartment. "Brian" went on the fritz and started
    shutting down the building and wrecking the city so we decided to
    shut him down. We caused a bit of damage to the city and the tower
    before we got it under control. OK, the tower now lists at a 30
    degree angle because there is no foundation left to hold it upright.
    But it wasn't my fault!

    KM: How did you finally stop "Brian"?
    KeiAgain laughing hysterically) We gave him an impossible problem
    to solve and he overloaded!

    KM: Which was?
    KeiGiggling) We asked it to decide between me and Yuri-who is the
    better (sexier) one?

    KM: The answer of course being impossible since a computer cannot
    decide an answer requiring the use of emotions, right?
    KeiConfused) If you say so sir. But he should have picked me!

    KM: i'm not about to touch that one, folks.
    KeiSulkily) Well he shoulda picked me.

    KM: I hear Keitaroo(see DPF-Mission 3/Act 1 for details) is back. Has
    he been over to see you yet?
    KeiPuzzled) Oh, my godkid! You bet he has. Er you know he has a
    crush on Derringer Merrill Strife (Trigun) don't you? Vash told me at
    Shangri-La last night after you left us. OK so I stayed and lost my
    80 thou at meteor! Why do you think that Faye and me tried to grab
    Vash for the 60 billion?

    KM: We'll let that pass for now. How is Keitaroo doing? He's gotta be
    on Easy Street with that fortune of his dad's (the Senator) he
    inherited last year.
    Kei: Oh, you didn't know? He donated that to help rebuild July and
    August (the two cities that Vash atomized on Gunsmoke). I told you he
    had a thing for Merrill, didn't I? But he has just enrolled at the
    Academy and we may get him here with us at Unit 9 real soon!

    KM: Oh no! Another one! Well, I see that they are calling us back to
    the ship to put that new sonic disruptor beam cannon through its
    paces again. So let me take this time we have left to humbly
    apologize to Yuri for calling her "brainless" all those times
    during "Siren" and for letting you know where Waldess went after you
    quit the force. Gazelle also asked me to say sorry for calling
    her "pathetic" and for that ordeal he put you two through when he
    trained you here for that volleyball tourney. Did he really flood
    your room and make you stand in oil to play and train you in a sauna?
    KeiLaughing) The worst was when he tried to appeal to us to stay by
    telling us about those "50 brave agents who made the ultimate
    sacrifice" trying to arrest Mr. President. But we got back at him
    later in the hospital. Er, did his hair ever grow back sir?

    KM: Yes eventually it did. As a final thought, how about reminding
    everyone what your motto is?
    KeiSolemnly) Never blow up tomorrow what you can blow up today! Yo,
    Chief! Are they calling us again? ooh, that announcer just said the
    same thing Yuri did at the prison (see ODP-Episode 1) when she used
    her laserlight ring to blow open that vault door (after I ran outta
    ammo) to get the warden out. They were like "Son of-"

    KM: Yes I recall them "SOB-What the Hell!" to which you replied "That
    didn't suck!" It was one of the very few times Yuri used profanity
    unlike you!
    KeiShocked) Who me? I'm sure I don't know what you mean sir.

    KM: Yes you do. Whoa they were calling us and there's our final
    warning. That's the big cheese Territorial Chief Garner. (Speaking
    into Comlink) We're coming sir.
    KeiGiggling) We'd better get going sir!

    KM: (Laughing) Any final thoughts for your loyal fans, Kei?
    KeiMock Serious) To paraphrase Red Green "Always keep your blaster
    on its bull" (Coyly, to KM) "Thanks for letting me blow off some
    steam, Honey."

    KMAngrily) Honey! I am your section chief, TroCon Kei! And don't
    you forget it!
    KeiApologetic) I'm very sorry sir.

    KMLooking worried) Kei, you did tell Mugghi to clean the cannon
    first before he loaded it, didn't you?
    KeiPerplexed) Huh? Er, no sir, I thought you did.

    KMMad as Hell) You idiot! If he tries to fire that thing now---
    KeiRunning full tilt down the corridor) I'm already on it Chief!
    (Speaking through comlink earring) Hey, Mugghi, don't touch those gun
    controls until I get there!

    KMFuming) Another fine mess she's gotten us into!
    KeiFading voice) Mugghi! Nammo! Wait'll I get my hands on you! I'll-

    KMBack to Normal) Sorry about that outburst but sometimes Kei just
    ticks me off so much. In closing, folks, let me just say that it has
    been an honor and a privilege to have known both Yuri and Kei. I am
    especially proud to have Kei on my staff at Unit 9 (Eat your heart
    out Poporo!). The girls did save him and his kid Rosa from that
    madman Berringer (see DPF-Mission 3/Act 5). I wonder if the three of
    them ever finished writing all those "Sorry we blew up half of
    Elinore City again" letters finally? I must remember to ask Kei. What
    am I saying? I still have a headache from last night when I got drunk
    and told her Faye was cuter than she was!
    KeiCalling from vidphone) Chief, Garner and Gazelle are waiting for
    us and they are both as mad as Hell! You better get your butt over
    here now! Pronto!

    KMSpeaking on comlink)Coming Kei. (Aside) Believe it or not I AM
    her superior although sometimes it may seem otherwise.(Dawning
    realization) Oh no, if she fires that gun it's sayonara time for this
    complex!(Running off toward ship at full tilt) Well, that's all
    folks. Goodbye from us both and keep sending us (especially Kei)
    those fan letters and emails, too. Kei!!!--
    KeiReassuring) Relax Chief. It's OK. I've got everything under
    control again. (Sound of BOOM!! and Kei crying) Sorry sir! But it's
    not my fault really!

    AFTERMATH: As I said before I am honored and proud to have my fave
    animegal on my team at Unit 9. Of course I do get to see her almost
    every day.

    DISCLAIMER: You folks know all of this is false (made up) don't you?
    I tried to use Kei's point of view in both asking and answering these
    questions for this interview. I would REALLY like to be Kei's bossman
    but how could that ever be? I am an actual 54 year old guy and she is
    just my absolute fave animebabe! But I will never find a more
    beautiful (and dangerous) animegal than you, my lovely angel, Kei!

    APOLOGY: I must ask Mr. Wilbury (Lovely Yuri Website) to forgive
    my "poetic license" for Kei's answers about his Yuri's lifestyle. I
    did not mean to offend him in any way whatsoever and if I have upset
    him or anyone in any way I most humbly apologize. Gomen! Such was
    never my intention at all.
  6. http://www.animeonline.net/picture.p...pictureid=4878

    Today or rather tonight I wanna talk about anime lyrics but first do any of ya recognize the above group? It's from the YG's animelyrics group page. I used to know but it's from an old obscure anime series and alas the Keiman hath forgotten!

    A great super source for anime lyrics is www.animelyrics.com

    They have direct links to four other great sites for lyrics of all sorts.

    Of course you can simply email your request to the admin of the club. If ya do that, make damned sure you run the internal search engine search first! They don't mind helping ya out but they don't like checking twice for something they already have posted.

    Now if you're into the Lovely Angels' music and lyrics well they have some here along with some embedded music clips albeit mostly Flash DP stuff.

    For DP Flash/ODP/Films/OODP lyrics there are really only two sources (besides my sites which have some) for them:

    www.elenorecity.com (Nozmo's DP shrine)

    www.japantales.com/dpshrine (Wim's DP shrine)

    I cannot recall whether or not Nozmo and Wim have embedded music clips or songs. I know I don't. Why? Storage space mostly and I ain't too sure about method streamlining of audio or video.

    I have tons of the Angels' audio (everything in fact) burned onto CD discs and I have a huge library online, however, it is 'trapped' on my brother's old PC so until I get it fixed for him I have nothing here. Mama's PC used to have it too but it's 'lost in the web' now. Domo arigatou Kami I still have the CDs since Angels music is almost impossible to get on pre-recorded discs anymore. In fact one can get only one disc of the Flash Angels music over here in the States. Everything else must come from Japan!

    www.cdjapan.com is a good starting point for the Angels music over there.
    Be warned though the average cost is $40 US per disc. Of course they usually list prices in 'yens'. A 'yen' = almost 10 cents US currency and it's pretty constant since Japan's economy is a lot more stabler than ours or Europe's.

    Once again here is a list of the Angelic productions. Hai, this list is complete! BION although there are tons of recorded audio on the girls (K&Y) there is still only a mere thirty (30) hours of video on their exploits!

    Crusher Joe the Movie (The gals' first onscreen 'onscreen' appearance! They are actresses playing in a movie at a drive in theatre that CJ and tomos are using for a meeting place and our Angels are seen for a whole 15 seconds!)

    The Original 'Original' DP Series (26 Episodes which were subbed in English and never ever dubbed)

    Affair at Nolandia (Film reminiscent of jungle pix)

    Project EDEN (Film reminiscent of Genesis from Star Trek II- TheWrath of Khan. Contains the famous 'bathing' scene and Yuri's 'hanging by a thead' scene!)

    Conspiracy on Flight 009 (Think 'Airport' and 'Airplane' a la Angels with the Deadly Dynamic Duo as airline hostesses!)

    Original DP Series (10 Episodes and like the previous entries this series features the Classic Kei and Yuri. Includes the 'casino', 'prison', 'Hall-o-we'en' and 'Space Truckers' episodes!)

    DP Flash Series (15 Episodes of the violet-maned vixen Yuri and the punk rock tomboy with the flaming multi-coloured hairdo Kei. Previous K&Y's were between 19 (ODP) and mid 30's (AAN and CF009) but the Flash Angels are only 17! Of course they are still 'UG'/3WA veterans having graduated from the Academy at the tender age of 14! And they are still the 'best to-cons on the force bar none!' to quote Chief Garner. Chief Gooley had similar words for his Classic operatives. Remember please that the 'Classic' Angels live during the 22nd Century while the 'Flash' Angels live a century later in the 23rd Century although both live on 'Shimougou'- the CY/CK in 'Elenore City' and FK/FY in 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City'.

    The Flash series features the famous 'Waldess' and 'Project SIREN' arc (Act 1), the 'World's World' arc (Act II) and the 'Colours' arc where each of the five episode titles (Act I has six while Act II has 5) contains the name of a colour culminating in the final 'Ash Grey Avenger' which inspired the John Berringer saga and launched my first ff- 'Xmas with the DP' which led into my second and current one- 'Angel Wings' (Act III). This episode was the Angelic 'swan song' on video for the girls although hard core freaks like yours truly continue their adventures in ff's and Mr T continues to write graphic novels of them. I believe the Adam Warren mangas/comics have ended. By far the Flash duo are the most recognizable of all the Angels. Of course Flash featured more 'morphing' scenes than the rest of the anime.

    Crossovers: I have to admit that I was watching FMA last night and horrors! I noticed a blatant 'crossover' I hadn't before and I have seen FMA several times over! OK. The Elrics' and Rockabells' hometown is 'Risenbool'- right?

    Now think of the Peter Jackson trilogy masterpiece 'Lord of the Rings'. Got it? OK. The Elves have a hideout ruled over by Elrond (sounds like Elric eh?) and oro's the name of the place? 'Rivendell' ('Risenbool'?) Coincidence? I think not. FMA owes a debt of gratitude to JRR Tolkien for his inspiration.

    Now let us try the planet itself. 'Amestris'. Hmmn, I have head or seen that word before. A constellation? A 'subaru'? Hai, a 'subaru' in Japanese means a grouping of seven stars like in the constellations 'The Pleiades' or the 'Seven Sisters' or the 'Big Dipper' which inspired both 'Jewel of the Seven Stars' by Sax Rohmer and the classic anime 'Fist of the North Star' which introduced all of us to 'Hakuto Shin Ken' and 'Nan To Sho Ken' the teaching of both martial arts now being banned in most countries. Anyone have any ideas on 'Amestris'? Anyone?

    Time to go so it's I'm gone, good buddies. Bye bye.


    Here's a little extra pix for this post for ya. Enjoy:


    This pix is one of my Flash faves! 'Snow White' Yuri, 'Tomboy Punk Rocker' Kei (without a weapon!) and their taller pal. Who is she? Well she ain't Ella Hathaway since that chief was definitely a 'Classic' character. Hmmn, that yello suit does look like a uniform though. Note the shoulder epaulettes. Air hostess maybe? A suspect in a case? OK. I guess this is my first ANOL 'Mystery Pix of the Post' then. Who is this kawaii lady? Oro episode in Flash DP? Where are the Angels? In FC? On WW? Somewhere else? I will check with my Flash source Nozmo and find out for my next post here. I promise.-K&K

    Sorry but I had to include Kitana the anime-looking spokesgal from animeontv.com where they publish a great monthly tv anime viewing guide! Oro anime does she hail from? Huh? I thought I recognized her too but alas she is like Neko in my ff which highteckdudu graciously allowed me to use as a character. Kitana (A play on 'katana' obviously. A katana is a short meter length blunted razor sharp (on one side) slashing sword. A katana is used sideways not thrusted forward like a Western blade) is made up specifically for this website. Isn't she cool?

  7. Hey i have an rp it's called Quest To The Wastelands if u want to join it feel free thanks btw im Wasted
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    Credits: 21,002 Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Keiman's Profile- Part 7


    Profile- Part 7 (The Last Arigatou Kami)

    Sunday- None

    Monday- 11PM ET to 1 AM ET Sci Fi Channel has Ani-Mondays which is Gundam Wing (2 eppys) followed by an anime film like Appleseed

    Tuesday- Until recently we had HellGirl at 8:30 PM ET and 11:30 PM ET with Witchblade at 2 AM ET. Both repeated Fridays at 11:30 PM ET or 12:30 AM ET (HG) and 2 AM ET (WBL) Now they show the same Friday schedule but Tuesdays times are 3 AM ET (HG) and 3:30 AM ET (WBL) Oh they air on IFC the Independent Film Channel.

    Wednesday- None

    Thursday- Sometimes but none now.

    Friday- See Tuesday above.

    Saturday- Jackpot!

    7 PM ET to 9:30 PM ET is an anime or cartoon film

    9:30 PM ET- An eppy of Naruto

    1 AM ET- Bleach

    1:30 AM ET- Code Geass

    2 AM ET- Shin Chan

    2:30 AM ET- Fullmetal Alchemist

    3 AM ET- Death Note

    3:30 AM ET- Ghost in the Shell

    4 AM ET- Cowboy Bebop

    4:30 AM ET- Big O

    5 AM ET to 6 AM ET- InuYasha (2 epys)

    Sunday- If we're lucky sometimes Starz Encore Action has afternoon films but not very often.

    Arigatou Kami for ComcastOnDemand especially Cutting Edge where there is a little anime to befound for free. Not much available on PPV OnDemand either!

    Well as always r/r/s away and know this- AW (on paper) is up to Ch 60 already! The usual endings and toodles my tomos all-K&K

    4 AM ET-

    Check out the pix albums at AAH and AH1 and my blogs too! SFN/SYS/JM/KBYA/KYSOTI/TTFN/Toodles-K&K

    Just posted Ch 32 'PNO'-'Navigational Nightmares' or 'Nami Joins the 3WA'. Next up will be Ch 33 'What's In A Name?' or 'The Boss, the Glave and the Beast- Krull!' in which our fave redheaded heroine ain't just in hot water- she's in hot lava! In the previous chapter (32) Nami's real Christian name was revealed to be Oranmia! Wait until the other cadets at Takachiho Academy fnd that out! R/R/S away and don't forget that the Ides of April are fast approaching! Time to start our income taxes eh? One more thing tomos- I just started yet another blog. Where? BION I was watching HellGirl on IFC on tv or was it Witchblade? No matter they were advertising their blogsite at Open Salon: You make the headlines so I opened 'Keiman's Anime Blog' over there. Just one post so far 'HellGirl Is Here!' I hve added a few more blog posts at

    doyouloveanime and at Anime for Fanatics! Sorry but MySpace and Facebook are too virus prone so they have both seen the last of the Keiman I'm afraid. My Animeaholics1 at YG and my anime-a-holics at EONS have new posts. By the way my old [email protected] email acct has been illegally closed- for the nonce! My new one is [email protected] I just got EONS aoh back online for posting and stuff. If you are brave enough MySpace has over 700 pix in my album there. AH1, aoh, dyla, aff and a few of my blogs/clubs do as well.

    Just posted Ch 34 'Mithril Battle Armour' or 'Back to School' which introduces two new characters to AW. Dr Sally Mimoru is a 28 year old ash blonde quantum physics research scientist and Kira Gordon is a 12 year old schoolgirl with BetaZoidlike psychic powers. Oh yeah and she's a genius scientist kid to boot! Ch 35 'The Scarecrow of Jakotsu' or ''Sally Tells the Truth' coming real soon I hope. Opensalon.com's 'Keiman's Anime Blog' has been posted to twice so far. The first is about 'Hell Girl' ad the second's about 'Witchblade'. They're cool so check 'em out and comment if ya like. Cool pix in all my blogs. Found some motorcyclists/animefans at motorcycleridersclubofamerica.com where Bobby (my brother) is a lifetime member. Think I overdid it with the pix though. So I 'albumed' them instead of having them run nonstop. Hey! Nonstop! That's the title of the Flash Angels' theme I liked a lot. 'Nonstop Angel' and I even used to sing the lyrics in Japanese while humming the tune too. That's the theme that features the 'Sailor Moon' and 'Cutey Honey' Angelic 'morphing' scenes. I'm watching an anime now called 'Valkyrie' (UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie is its full moniker which explains why I'd never heard of it before) about an lien princess (Valkyrie) who transforms in Angel fashion into her true form as a grown up female Viking babe. Her usual form is a precocious five year old brat! Valhalla is the planet she called home until she came to Terra. She was found by a teenaged boy who ran a bathhouse (hot springs) and he fell in love with her. A short time later to save his life Valkyrie kissed him thus trapping herself in the kid form. It ain't to clear how everyone else at the bathhouse can also 'morph' into warriors but I'm watching Season 2 on COD/CE/TAN/Valkyrie. Just starting at COD/CE/TAN is DN Angel butI haven't seen it yet. Burst Angel on COD/CE/AnimeSelects/WickedAnime looks like a female version of Trigun (Vash the Stampede) only it's Terra not Gunsmoke and the gals are cops not outlaws! Damn! COD dropped 'Naughty Ninjas' after just one run (12 episodes) and it was a cool anime too! Forget it, man. I have already looked for it online to buy and there is rei (nothing) except Amazon which as a couple of episodes. Morabito is up to Vol 3 which has Eppys 8 to 10. Vols 1-2 have Eppys 1 through 7 and more are not due to be dubbed for a long while! IFC now shows Hellgirl and Witchblade back to back at 3 AM ET Tuesdays and Fridays. HG is being run in order but WB got up to 22 (COD/CE/IFC/Anime/WB has 21 and 22 running now) then cut back to 9 last night. AniMonday's Sci Fi Channel had a good old chestnut if you like riddles. It was 'X'- Dragons of Heaven vs Dragons of Earth? Remember? Kamui vs Kamui? Well it makes no sense at all unless you've seen or read the prior animes in the Babylon series. Or you could read the X mangas which ended unfinished. Another problemo is that there are thee X's- the movie, the series and the OVA (direct to video) and each is a mite different, however, each one has an ending of sorts. SF aired the movie X Monday night wich is about the only one ever shown. Well like Shin Chan Nohara always says 'Time to go' so don't forget to r/r/s away and hooble-toodle-doo. Kami bless you all and sayonara for now. See ya soon-K&K

    Ch 36 'Daddy Calls It Quits' or 'The Brat Awakens' now up. Toodles-K&K

    Th-th-that' all folks!
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Credits: 21,002 Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction- Keiman's Profile- Part 6


    Profile- Part 6

    I'll post more titles as they come to me. Check out my companion ff site at animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction especially my Profile page and my new signature photo of the Angels. It was made exclusively for me by 'highteckdudu' who is another ff writing lassie over there. Her Profile page is awesome and includes pix of her own original character Neko. She has graciously allowed me to use Neko in my ff's. She is a nekomata trill and Jon Harlock's navigator on the 'Botany Bay 2'. Her last name is Olson. Revy (Roberts) hails from 'Black Lagoon' a really cool anime series about guns for hire! And get this- Revy has a fouler mouth than Kei does! Just posted Ch 19 both places. Ch 20 soon. An unexpected guest of the Spies has just shown up. Guess who? A famous horseman 'the fox so cunning and free' kidnaps one of the crew in chapter (12) and Kei gets a new security chief. In Ch 13 she gets a new helper in engineering. Ch 14 brings Lupin and Zenigata aboard. Ch 15 is the Gate adventure. Ch 17 brings really surprised visitors and I guarantee you won't be able to guess who they are. Well Ch 19 is here and so are the IRTs. Who are they? Read it and find out. Ice Road Truckers' load count: Eric has 27, Hugh has 25, Bear has 24, Alex is at 23, Rick has 15 and Drew has only 11 so far. There are a total of 125 delivered to Basilisk with 50 to go out of a total of 175 loads. Who will win? Just posted Ch 23 both sites. By the way on IRT on HC as of 8/17 Eric and Hugh are tied at 59 loads, Bear has 52, Rick has 45, Alex has 22 and Drew is still dead last with 7 or maybe 8 loads. My ff has 'em hauling 257 loads up the ice on Gysymeo then going to Workoh to do a rescue mission with the Angels. Ch 26 posted. Ch 27 real soon I hope. More details later but some old tomos and a new one will show up real soon- Hint: think pirates!Toodles-K&K


    1- 'Creature From the Black Lagoon' or 'The Angels Meet Revy Roberts'

    2- 'A Spoiled Drink' or 'The Returns Begin'

    3- 'Another Doctor?' or 'Ninjas On the Loose!'

    4- 'Reunion In Time?' or 'Closing Problems- Again?'

    5- 'Revy's Raiders' or 'Turtles and Reapers and Ninjas- Oh My!'

    6- 'Shinigami Shenanigans' or 'Book Of the Dead?'

    7- 'Revy Rocks the Ark' or 'Feudal Funk'

    8- 'Two Cats' or 'The Doctor's Sunbird'

    9- 'Peri Meets Snow White' or 'Jonins In Jeopardy'

    10- 'An Apple A Day' or 'The Spies Who Came In From the Cold'

    11- 'Snake In the Bays' or 'Mandy In the Morning'

    12- 'Oz Meets Wonderland?' or 'Turmoil On the Holodecks?'

    13- 'Two Katanas Are Better Than One?' or 'Whose Woman Are You, Kaggie?'

    14- 'Lock Up Your Valuables- Lupin's Back!' or 'Peri Makes A New Tomo'

    15- 'The Galactic Gate' or 'Pray That This Works, Folks!'

    16- 'Revy Meets the Major' or 'Strange Bedfellows'

    17- 'Ice Road In Space?' or 'Space Age Truckers?'

    18- 'Basilisk Or Bust!' or 'Rampage On Rygiel'

    19- 'Angelic Contract- Again?' or 'Johnny's Back!'

    20- 'Johnny's Angelic Insurance Policy' or 'Raven To the Rescue'

    21- 'Raven's daring Plan' or 'Viscious's Hospitality Suites'

    22- 'Of Gysymeo And Galthorgs' or 'Iceroading In Style'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418783" >

    23- 'Angel In Peril' or 'Reaper Roundup'

    24- 'Goodbye Gysymeo' or 'Ice Brigade Decision' (In two parts here and three at animeonline.net)

    25- 'Ice Road Shooters' or 'The 'Kitten' That Couldn't Be Tamed'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/429556" >

    26- 'A Nefarious Plot' or 'Aizu (Eyes) In the Shadows?'

    27- 'The Final Solution' or 'Yuri Hunts A Ghost'

    28- 'Ghostly Gambit' or 'Kei Makes A Deal'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418799" >

    29- 'Springing A Trap' or 'Kei Keeps A Promise'

    30- 'Talk or Die' or 'Blue eets A Pirate From the Past'

    31- 'Angelic Travel Plans?' or 'New Navvie?'

    32- 'PNO'-'Navigational Nightmares' or 'Nami Joins the 3WA'

    33- 'What's In A Name?' or 'The Boss, the 'Glave' and the 'Beast'- 'Krull'!'

    34- 'Mithril Battle Armour' or 'Back to School'

    35- 'The Scarecrow of Jakotsu' or 'Sally Tells the Truth'

    36- 'Daddy Calls It Quits' or 'The Brat Awakens'

    37- 'The Siege That Never Was' or 'Heaven Is A Quiet Holodeck'

    38- 'Secret Talks' or 'Designated Driver'

    39- 'Tapping A Supernova' or 'Ariadne's Thread'

    40- 'The Two Towers' or 'Kei Cracks the Code'

    Gonna be awhile like a few weeks or so before I post anything again. You see my employers Landamerica just terminated me after almost 30 years with them and almost 40 in the title business overall. Read all about it at my other websites. Gotta split so the usual stuff and SFN/Toodles-K&K

    It has been awhile and now I'm fighting Hotmail for my keimanzero email acct. The bastards closed it for no reason and now they're dragging their feet about reopening it! It's playing Hell with my work too because that's how I make a living these days. Surveys, blogs, writing jobs, surf webads, contests, games, data entry work, etc. My blogs are all screwed up and even AH1 and anime-a-holics (AAH) are mucked up now as well. ANOL has 'lost' my Profile/Bio/pix pages and nobody seems to know howto recover 'em! Anyway Chapters 1 through 30 are now up and posted here and at ANOL. Please r/r/s away and a happy belated hb to both Keis and Yuris. A belated Meri Kurisumasu and HNY to all my tomos watashi out there. Dunno how I could have navigated these rough seas w/o your loyalty and support folks!

    Visit my websites and blogs please and review them and AW for me please:

    Eons: Lovin' life on the flip side... (anime-a-holics)

    www.msn.com/yahoogroups (Animeaholics1)


    TRIOND and today.com soon


    Freelance Home Writers are my new job source and they only charged 3 to join. I get a job bank, assistance, ebooks, support- you name it and I get it!

    My fanficcys are of course Xmas w/ the DP and Angel Wings

    Well my Saints didn't make it this year bu the Az Cards did for the very first time! Hooray! Keitarou's team vs Ojo's! Don't miss next week's SB from Tampa FL. Remember and old chestnut called Black Sunday?

    Gotta go but here are my emails for the time being. Any of ya are more than welcome to correspond with me directly and if anyone knows Hotmail's phone number please email me or just post it somewhere! Please! I need my email acct back from them and damned soon too! I'm starving man!

    [email protected] (My brother Bobby's acct. He's getting a new 2009 Suzuki XL7 Monday. Sayonara to his 2007 Jeep Liberty Sport SUV.)

    [email protected] (My acct at yahoo which I didn't even know I had)

    [email protected] (My Mama's acct at Hotmail)

    Looks like I might be getting back my Hotmail 'keimanzero' email acct at last! Hooray! I can start making a little swag again! No jobs in my profssion around here for a good while. If I relocate a few hundred miles away from here- yeah that is if I want to start from the bottom up- I'm 59 for Kami's sake!

    Anyhow here's the latest posts for AW. Up to and now including 31! Ch 32? Soon I hope!

    Check out my two permanent blogs:


    Anime for Fanatics!

    Visit my ol clubs/blogs too:

    Eons: Anime-a-holics Group Home


    Wednesday eh? No anime on tv tonight dammit! My anime schedule for tv? OK here it is gang. Read it and cry!

    Cont in Profile- Part 7
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Credits: 21,002 Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction- Keiman's Profile- Part 5


    Profile- Part 5

    Well now ya got the hints. I hope you stay tuned for the rest of the show. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 154 up and 155 soon. Ja Mata, tomos-K&K

    Ch 155 up Ch 156 soon. Have a nice weekend and r/r/s away. Arigatou for the support. Kami bless you all and SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 156 up. Ch 157 soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. SFN and Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 157 posted and 158 coming soon. Enjoy the day and toodles-K&K

    Ch 158 posted. Shopping time and a new guy too! Ch 159 soon. Enjoy the day and r/r/s away. Kami bless you all. SFN and toodles-K&K--By the way I'll post the remaining chappie titles soon. The very last Chapter will be 183. Arigatou-K&K

    Ch 159 up. Ch 160 soon. Best of good fortune in 2008. SFN and Kami bless you all for your support. R/R/S away and toodles-K&K

    Here are the very last chapter titles (170 to 184). They are real doozies lemme tell ya:-

    Ch 170 'Mr. White Explains'/Feudal Arrangements'

    Ch 171 'Ojou's Error'/Ready Room Raiders'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418807" >

    Ch 172 'We Aren't In Shirokin Anymore'/EJ- Phone Home!'

    Ch 173 'Are You Ready For Some Football?"/Killers vs Hawks- First Half'

    Ch 174 'Game In Holding Pattern'/Zoe Calls In A Favor'

    Ch 175 'Alchemist In The Backfield'/Arcanum Actions' (2nd Half of Football Game)

    Ch 176 'Trip To Seto Kaiba'/Winry's New Winter Wardrobe'

    Ch 177 'Gysymeo Again?'/How Does It Work?'

    Ch 178 'Winry Makes a New Tomo'/Return of Khan?'

    Ch 179 'The Bay Comes Back'/James the Storyteller'

    Ch 180 'Pizza Again?'Fancy Dress Football?'

    Ch 181 'Unexpected Guests'/Too Damned many Weddings!'

    Ch 182 'Vikers' Paradise Lost'/Rio To the Rescue'

    Ch 183 'Son of Shenron'/The Hunt Is On'

    Ch 184 'The Last Wish'/The End Of It All?'

    That's It and no telling when it'll be completed either! On paper it's done but posting is something else man! Have a nice day. Toodles-K&K PS- I had another birthday in July and now I am 58 years young! I have a website here too- www.eons.com/people/groups/anime-a-holics (or jsut anime will get you there too). Come check it out even if ya ain't over 50. I accept all ages there. Ja mata and SFN. Kami bless you all for your support and welcome to my newest pal [email protected]. Enjoy and read/review/suggest away and lemme know oro (what) you think.-K&K

    Ch 160 up. Ch 161 soon. Happy 2008 and Kami bless you all in the coming year. s/s/r away and SFN. Toodles-K&K

    At animeonline.com/forums/fanfiction/Dirty Pair Fanfiction I have just finished posting Ch 1 thru 45 of this ff. Check it out if you'd like. It's a great way to play catchup or review earlier chapter(s) w/o going nut searching for it here. Have a cool day and SFN. Ja mata and kami bless you all. Please r/r/s away and toodles-K&K

    Just posted up to and incl Ch 56 (SB 247 in 2251 AD) at animeonline. Toodles-K&K

    Just posted up to and including Ch 60 at ANOL and just posted Ch 161 'War on Gallifrey' or 'The Siege' here. Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    I have now posted up to Ch 90 in ANOL and will soon post Ch 162 here. Please read my feelings about HBO closing out (after 31 gloroius years!) without a shadow of a doubt the greatest sports format show of all time- Inside the NFL! I have posted a message here:www.yahoogroups.com/Animeaholics1; www.animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction; www.yahoogroups.com/dirtypair2; www.eons.com/people/groups/anime-a-holics; www.yahoogroups.com/animeontv; [email protected]; www.hbo.com/community; http://www.woohpforum.com/fanfiction...inuedfromch160). While you're at this site check out my new avatar of Kei and then check out animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction/Profile and Home pages to see lots of Angels' stuff! Kudos to the manning bros and their dad the very first NO Saints' (QB) Hall of Famer! SFN and Kami bless you all. R/R/S away and ja mata. See ya soon and toodles-K&K

    All Chapters 1 through current chapter 161 are now in exact order on contents/chapters page. Enjoy the story and I hope to post 162 soon. Toodles-K&K

    Finally! Just posted Ch 162. Before 163 begins I will have a revamping of the crews again. That will be later as I got jury duty tomorrow. R/R/S away and SFN. Kami bless you all. Toodles and see ya soon-K&K

    Posted Ch 163 and Ch 164 soon. Up to Ch 110 at animeonline.net now. All chapters/titles listed at Profile page over there too. Special character list at beginning of Ch 163. Enjoy and r/r/s away. SFN and Kami bless you all. See ya soon. Toodles-K&K

    I just now finally finished posting all the way up to Ch 125 here: www.animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction. Hope you like 'em-K&K

    It is now official gang! I have now posted the first 150 chapters of Xmas with the DP at animeonline.net! Yay! R/R/S away and a big domo arigatou to my loyal readers and helpers. Have a great weekend and I hope to post Ch 164 here soon! SFN and Kami bless you all. See ya soon. Toodles-K&K

    OK- Finally! Here is Ch 164 for ya with 165 not far behind it. Toodles-K&K

    I have achieved a miracle hazu! I have now managed to post Ch 1 through 164 both here and at animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction as well. I will continue to post here chappie by chappie and I will post at ANOL in 5 chappie increments. Domo arigatou for all the help and support tomos watashi. SFN and SYS. Ja mata and Kami bless you all. Enjoy the story and now it's time for me to do those blsted taxes for me, Mom and Brothers Bobby and Pete. Have a cool weekend and don't look for any updates for awhile eh? Toodles-K&K

    Chapter 165 has just been posted here and at animeonline.net as well. Please r/r/s away. SFN and toodles-K&K

    Chapters 166 to 169 have been posted here and at animeonline.net too. Enjoy and r/r/s away. Toodles-K&K

    Have now posted up to and including Ch 170 here and at animeonline.net as well. Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    Just added Ch 171 and 172 here and at animeonline.net as well. Enjoy.Kami bless and I just added Ch 173 to 184 at both places. Of course this ends the ff finally. Please r/r/s away and let me know how ya liked the story, my numerous cliffhangers and especially the ending if indeed it has an ending eh? I can use some suggestions and insights from all you tomos out there 'cause I'm gonna start a new ff featuring those two kawii Amazonian Angels- Kei and Yuri. Also included will be newbies Rio (Burn Up W) and Marina Oki (Cosmic Warrior Zero). As yet untitled both lasses will be newly assigned to positions in either Furool City or Elenore City on Shimougou. Both will be 'UG' and 3WA tro-cons although Marina has more experience hence she'll be a subaltern a suba while Rio a rookie will only be an ensign or a cadet from the Academy. Both are wild but not as bad as the Boss (Kei). Have a kawaii Derby weekend and if the powers that be think an extreme outside post start makes a favorite I beg to differ. Secretariat might win from there but not Big Brown. Tale of Ekati (named after the diamond mine up North on History Channel's Ice Rd Truckers series) with Coia up will take the prize. He's in Post 2 on the far inside. Toodles for a bit. Got an appraiser coming Monday for my refi so sfn and sys. Kami bless you all for your advice, assistance and support all these years. The new ff won't be anywhere near as long as this monster was! It's been great tomos watashi and Toodles-K&K

    Check out Xmas w/ the DP under Chapter Epilogue/Angel Wings. I need help with my newest ff attempt. Domo arigatou and any suggestions greatly appreciated man. SFN and SYS. Kami bless you all and toodles-K&K

    Just started ff 2 called 'Angel Wings'. Posted Ch 1 'Creature from the Black Lagoon'/'The Angels meet Revy Roberts'. It's all about oro Kei, Yuri, Blue, Kome, Mar and the rest are doing after the God Gun missions finish (did they really?). Kei and her cadre are running the 3WA Academy and several new characters are added as student trainees and as instructors. Who? Aw, that'd be telling. Please r/r/s away and have a hoob-a-dooble day! Toodles and Kami bless-K&K

    Ch 2 'A Spoiled Drink'/'The Returns Begin' now up. Enjoy Mom's Day and toodles-K&K

    Ch 3 'Another Doctor?'/'Ninjas On the Loose!' up now both sites. Enjoy and r/r/s away. I need ideas hazu! Toodles-K&K

    Ch 4- 'Reunion In Time?' or 'Closing Problems' Again?' now up both sites. Ch 5 now up. Ch 6 soon but not till next week. Enjoy the weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 5 and 6 both up with Ch 7 real soon. Named the 3WA Academy 'Takachiho Academy' in honour of Mr. T himself. New characters coming and a new storyline and plot. Please r/r/s away and oh yeah Ch 1-6 are up both here and at ANOL as well. More later. Have a cool day hazu. SFN/SYS and Kami bless you all. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Profile- Part 6
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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