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  1. well, i just came back :P
    started to think about this page when
    i was on a trip to finland and decided to visit
    this page agen :P

    yes, pretty much of everything has gone well :P

    how about you? still visiting the page regulary?..
  2. Hah! Wow your still here! Things have been going well. Are you still going on this site regularly?
  3. i got it, has just get my sweet little ass in gear to visit this site again

    how are things going "ano"?..
  4. hey ! you'll probably never get this, but hope your doing well!
  5. hey what?..
    i hasn't done anything wrong yet =~,~;=
  6. hey !
  7. me to...
    it's almost never happen anything here...
    so i ahve been wondering why i'am still here...

    and i'am suprise that you still are here to...
  8. mmm no.but your right.people arent on very much suprised your still on.
  9. agree...
    but i think it seems like the most of the members almost never is online...
    do you ahve any idéa to any new RPG?..
  10. we need new rpgs
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