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  1. oki...
    how many books are there in the xxholic-serie?..
    can you read japanese?..
  2. Yeah I have them in Japanese version. thats how ive gotten them. plus they're really hard to find here.
  3. all the xxxholic books?..
    here in sweden i ahve all who have been relised..and this long it's 12 books...
    and i almost can't wait for the next book to come...
  4. I have all the xxxHollic books. they're awesome. I haven't met anyone else that likes xxxholic
  5. it's no problem, it's fun to talk with other persons^^
    i like xxxholic (and a lot other by CLAMP), akikan, maria holic, asu no yoichi, princesse monoke, they are my noble masters and a lot of other animé...
  6. What about u? what anime do u like? sorry if i ask a lot of questions. ^^'
  7. I like Naruto, bleach, Negima and a lot of others. Especially .Hack// G.U.
  8. im pretty new here to, but we can chat if you want^^
    you seems like a nice person:P
    what animé does you like?..
  9. Hi im hase0 and im new. just looking for someone to talk to and have some fun with. if u want we can chat
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