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  1. it was good that it went well...
    and it was maybe good that yo got druged to =^,^=
    nothing seen, nothing done:P
  2. it went ok and yes it was painfull at least i didnt feel it all.. i got put to sleep
  3. sounds, painfull...
    how did it went?.. Was it painfull?
  4. yea that is good... well may 21 i didnt go to school.. i had to get my wisdom teeth pulled
  5. it's good that you are good =^,^=
    I will probably be pretty bored today, if i don't goes
    to a friend a chit-chat with him...
    THe only good thing now is that it's friday and im free from school
  6. im good wbu? r u haveing a good day............? or is it boring?
  7. * see...
    it's also a way to find new people :P
    how are you?..
  8. ur online so ur name came up and i clicked on u ....
  9. hi, how did you found me?..

    anyway, nice to have new friends here =^,^=
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