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  1. ohh, sounds intressting :P
    bizzare stories can be pretty "cute" in a bizzare way :P
    just like i likes it !,,! =~,~= !,,!
  2. haha lol yeah im checking up more bizzare stories with my friends lol i can find many just very few believable ones lol
  3. spend half a year with this chat =0.0=
    that is a pretty long time...
    the times flies when it's funny !,,! =~,~= !,,!
  4. jeah lol i just realised something weve just spent the time of half a year having this chat lol
  5. yes, sounds like a intressting thing =^,^=
    the bizarrer it is, the funnier can it get
  6. i think there might have been an occasion which seems rather bizare and my friends told me i did it so i dont realy know if its reliable info or not lol wanna hear it????
  7. * see...
    but then you will message me if you get one?..
    so can we laugh at it together :P
  8. nothing realy lol im trying to think ill get back to you on that one lol
  9. Not as can remember now, but i'am sure that i have done it...
    but that time i have probably totaly wasted...
    and as it is now, i'am not ashame of doing anything when i'am drunk =^,^=
    i do it, and laughes at it. as exampel, i can't sing (it doesn't sounds good at all)
    but still i sing as much as i can when ia'm drunk, and secounds later, i can laugh my ass
    off, just cu's i know how horrible it has to sound :P

    How about you?..
    have you done anything that you have been ashamed of secounds later?..
  10. jeah i pretty much is a give and take game lol
    you do crazy thing someone goes and does the sam but realy takes shiz the full way lol
    have you ever been drunk and done something and you should become ashamed for doing it but you just dont care then a second later your ashamed????????
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