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  1. oki, i will try my best to control them...
    hope Rpex will be free soon^^
  2. I am going to give you control of madeye and his gang, so i can focus on Rpex.
  3. oki^^
    it's good that is still are some people here who writes
  4. me too it looks like it might not be dead i am seeing some people get on it and post so i guess i will post something either today or tomorrow.
  5. agree...
    but i hope they come back^^
    becuse it's fun to "play" this "RPG-games" here
  6. yeah they just stopped posting in there and i havent seen some in here for a long time.
  7. í see...
    and i agree, it felt like it almost just was we who wrote there...
    i wonder where everyone are, it's feels like they are gone...
  8. i know i stopped posting on the infection cus we were basicly the only two posting
  9. í see...
    i hope it goes well on the finals^^
    and let's hope that that "kind of weeks" is over soon,
    it's starting to get boring on Ao, it'a almost no one who writes here...
  10. Yeah it has been one of those weeks. plus i have finals this week it sux.
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