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  1. i mean waiting for somthng to happen in the rp that will let me post... ex: the chopper in infection to land.
  2. í see...
    wainting for stuffs to post?..
    i don't reallt get what you mean, bit im not the smartest person around^^
  3. Yep just waiting on stuff to post about plus that walter guy said somthing about bleach rpg so i am waiting on that too.
  4. hello there aigen^^
    so you are online today aigen:P
  5. ì see...
    i think it's time for me to to left now...
    it's late and i have school tomorrow, so i will be tired.
    But it's my own foul, i havn't learned to go to bed in time yet^^
  6. I am geting off for now, but I should be on later.
  7. oki...
    i had already left when you wrote that...
    but i will be online tonight aigen:P
  8. Hey I am going to get off for now but i might be back on later.
  9. i'am in the park adn talk to walterguy´s charakter...

    Are you really a stoner that messes things up?..
    as you "said" in the forum:P
  10. Hey so where are you in the Psychic University might as well meet you know.
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