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  1. i'am glad to hear that you are doing fine
    and now when i have fixed firefox, so will i be here mor often...

    it's starting to get cold here to, and it seems like we will have a "wolf-winter" =~,~;=
  2. (>_<) Awww I am so happy to hear from you again!
    I am doing pretty fine as well
    its getting colder and colder nowadays,and I hope u wont catch a cold ! *stor kram*!
  3. sorry that i haven't write so much lately...
    my internet has been angry at animeonline for some strange reason...
    so i will fix the firefox program, then i will be abel to write as normal on animeonline =^,^=
  4. yes, ia'm feeling better than before =^,^=
    but it's one stupid thing with me, my feelings is changing pretty quick :P

    Ì see, but don't mind that, you will probably have more chanses to catch the cell when i'am callling you.
    I hope you to is doing fine ^^
  5. (>_<) ♥ Aww It's so nice to hear that you had a good time with your cousion!
    I am happy to hear that! Are you feeling better than before?
    I really missed you ! I couldn't catch your call cos I put my cellphone in wrong place x_x
    I hope you're doing fine kimmister ♥♥
  6. i had a wonderful time there, last time =^,^=
    we drank a bit and looked at AMVHell :P
    was really funny !,,! =~,~= !,,!
  7. Aww that sounds like a brilliant plan , kimmister :-) <3 !! I just got home, am about to eat lunch I hope u have a Cool time at your cousion's place then (>_<)// !! and take enough rest so you won't be too tired ^_^☆
  8. i will ahve a cool day tomorrow, it's the last day at the practice work...
    and at saturday, i will be working at my fathers work a bit, but after
    that i will probably be drinking at my cousins place !,,! =^,^= !,,!
  9. >_< Thx a lot for your greeting kimmy! i also hope u have a cool day !!!
  10. i'am the first onw writing you a message =^,^=
    hope you are allright dear friend =^,^=
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