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  1. That sounds like fun. What do you plan on doing once you are there?
  2. Oh right.. yea same here actually ^^
    though i am heading away to Cyprus on wed.. which will be great XXD
  3. Staying busy is all, nothing really new really to be honest.
  4. aww thanks ^_^
    so what have you been doing with yourself today? =]
  5. Sorry to hear about your electrical problem, glad to see that has been fixed though and are now able to keep your self more entertained.
  6. kewls ^_^
    well its 3:20pm here and are electricity has been off all day.. so i have just been very bored D:
  7. I am doing just fine, thanks for asking. I am at work right now getting my day started.
  8. Thanks.. and aww your welcome (:
    so how are you?
  9. You are most welcome, and I appreaciate you dropping in and saying hi by the way.
  10. Hellow. thankyou for the welcome (:
    i was just popping by to say thanks.. and hellow really lol (:
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