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  1. I dont think so y r u worried about me or wat n y do u ask
  2. r u gonna commit suicide r sompin??
  3. But i may be alive just for while just soon enought i starting to lose it i pity myself for all the things i done in the past n something cant be sry wat makes me human wat is human
  4. yes thts good at least im alive^^and ur alive^^
  5. U never been on for a long time so i was sad for a very long time things have not been well for me n well it a drag at least ur alive
  6. u thought i wuz dead
  7. Good to c that ur back on i was worried about u i though u were dead
  8. oh yah im fine i havnt been on in a while anyway...........
  9. I sry for not talking to u for some time kimmy r u ok
  10. I do nothing at all just play game watch t.v never go out much i could if i wanted to n yeah i did it i past the psae text n the act now i need to get my score this call for a celebrating i going to watch the clouds go by
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