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  1. umm what??
  2. He has a piont wait wat am i saying i have no ideal wat i saying wat wrong with me today it a curse two years from now already n 1 day n a few hours
  3. I got it my stroy it on cbtay tread lok for mercy n lok at the last post which was me thx u
  4. Who me not really u wrong about me i just a little weired n kimmy let see wat am i afraid of death seeing myseft in the futrue all evil n other bad things
  5. hhhmmmm why r u afraid?? ru religious??
  6. Have no ideal wat u said zero i am lost i am sry i blame myself for not understanding u n kimmy yeah i am afraid ............................................
  7. what u wanna kill urself??or ur scared ur gonna die??
  8. Me man it a little weird i ben thinking about me dieing i cant even sleep i dont know when the last time i sleep tried problems with my gf i think about killing my life really weired right now i been writing stroy poems n other thing n i will post them soon cbaty on ur thing ok i will soon i promise
  9. um...ok rite im ok how r u??
  10. Yeah had a worst time but a good time ahahhahahaha hheheheheh how r u kimmy
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