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  1. hah thats koolso how did you get the profile picture?
  2. I Cant Really Remember But When I Do I Will Tell U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. OMG UR BDAY IS IN JUNE MINE IS 2222222!!!!!!!!!
  4. DDyeah i no!!!!!!!!!!!then why didint u ask 1 of ur friends what it meansssssssssss!!!!!!!
  5. i know what you mean.i live in cali and almost all my friend were mexicanbut there cool
  6. my pregunta was general it means question but im not mexican i jus hang wit them
  7. R u asking me kuz i dnt have one eitherwhats a pregunta?
  8. quick pregunta how do you get a picture by your name and b cool im not dumb i just dont know?????????????????
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