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  1. yeah its pretty long, but the annoyin thing about it is that its curly so its really annoying
  2. thats really u have long hair ?
  3. i'm good thanks and the type ofmusic i'm into is rock and metal music (i'm a bit of a headbanger if you will) my favourite bands are avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine and fightstar there are others but those are my favourites
  4. hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm
    1-im doin good
    2-im just chilin......u no
    3-i like all kinds but mostly rap and r@b mexican songs like all the 1s by daddy yankee and irish music cause its beautiful.........but i mostly listin 2 kiss fm and spanish

    so how r u?what u doin and what kinda music r u in2?lol
  5. hey kimmy hows it goin??? and what ya doin??? and finally what type of music are you into????
  6. yeah sure i love making new friends ^_^, i'm beymasta incase you couldn't guess from my name... which you obviously could have done because it displays it at the top but what i'm tring to say by this is: just call me beymasta
  7. hello im kim.....wanna be friends?????????????????????????????
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