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  1. im not rasist ethier but u no mexicans r awsome and protective.......private message..
  2. lol ido and so is mine but really i am not a racist but i can be preduce some times with out knowing
  3. omg my last boy friend was 16!!!!!!!!awsomeness but it didnt work out so i had 2 break up with him...u no mexicans lol
  4. 16 but i am 14 lol not to old and he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice
  5. hehehehehe thanks it was embarrassing at the time but what olds ur bf??
  6. lol that is really funny i am gonna tell my bf and see what he does
  7. so last night me and my cosin found this paper with coupons and recipes on it and i said i bet the coupons not expired yet and she said that it was so i looked and it said it wasnt gonna expire tell 12/17/99 and i said see its not gonna expire 4 another hundred years and then she looked at it and said i was stupid and i said what! and whe said think then i relized my mom kept i for the resipies and it was from 1999 hehe
  8. uh ok shot he he spanish i speak a little but not much
  9. hola mochacha!como estas how r u i wanna tell u something funny.....well something i think is funny
  10. ive never heard it b4 but if u like it u like it.....i think i will cheak it out 2
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