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  1. I live in Georgia were do you live at? Anyway the snow is almost gone now.
  2. really where do u live?? ?
  3. I'm fine I'm just been board all day monday is all but I did have a lot of snow.
  4. yah it is .im good u?
  5. Ha whats up how you been lately I think this is the first time I've vmed you.
  6. i am 14 and im from seattle washington .
  7. I am 16 and I am from Madison, Georgia. Where are you from.
  8. haha ur welcome!!!so how old r u what state or country do u live in????????
  9. Thanks that is really nice of you to do that for me.
  10. 1-hi!!!!im kim!!!im fine how r u ???
    2-duh of course ill b ur friend im every 1ns friend!!!!!
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