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  1. okok i get it i wont ill be good!!!!!!!
    ok just let me drink lots of sodas!
  2. fine then.........if u keep on being like that im gonna cut u from my friend list
  3. well i hate i is and wont be caring about people no more!!!!!!
    i think this is life!
  4. i dont no why u hate urself so much cause u have 100 friends and i only got 27!!!!!!!!look how many people like u!!!!!!!!!!and r ur friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. DAng smarty!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why are u smart??
  6. i just got a couple college credits last period.........i feel smart
  7. I never had a heatr because i was never born with it!!!!!!
    and hows ur day??
  8. i will sacrifice my heart 2 save u im imortal.........i dont need it anyway
  9. u killed me now ur all aaaaaaaaaa lllonnnnneee!!!!!!
  10. whats that mean....lonel?????????????????????????????????????
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