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  1. I dk really know the question we me are all different!
    and hope u survive in school!
  2. oh yeah i 4got2 ANSWER YOUR OTHER QUESTION(wich alot of u "men" like 2 do)no i havent found another 1 yet..theres only so much a freshman can do uknow........
  3. u already asked me how i was when u privit messaged me........oh yeah the only time im really on line is b4 school starts 2 perid 4 period and 6!!!!!!!
  4. im sorry!!!!!!!!!!
    did u find a other one?????
    and hows ur day?
  5. no but i want 2 start team read u get paid 8.55 an hour!!!!!!!! ive done it but kinda got firerd cause i yelled at 1 of the kids
  6. Im in Science Olypiad, Chess club, and Art club!!!!!
    do u do anything??
  7. what kind of activities???????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????
  8. I get out at 3:25 but i stay after school because of activitys!!!!!!
  9. also what time do u get out of school and what grade r u in
  10. oh...and what?cause you wrote and after u wrote school ......also join my group death is only the begining
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