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  1. hmmmm... i know lotza people by south, around renton and kent... why go to school so far
  2. yah tas where i live but i go 2 school by u
  3. not really... ugh im going to be "use" for R-rated movies...ughhhhh...! so what do you want me to do? by the way u live south seattle dontya?
  4. am i stressin u out??if i am can u please tell me??i just wanted someone old 2 sneak us into a movie.....
  5. why oh why...?! im not that appealing or anything, just think of me as a plain ol' guy with glasses, kinda like keitaro from love hina or somethin like that, but plainer much much plainer
  6. so u gonna try and get those pics??hey send it 2 my e-mail!!!!!
  7. heh? i was? prolly, i didnt see you, sorry, sooooo.... "hello, hi, good morning, afternoonm evening... and watever else is there to say"
  8. hhheeeyyy u where on yestserday and didnt talk to crushed.......sike im just kkkkkkkiiiiiiiddddiiiinnnggg^^hehe
  9. i dont know try and ....ugh theres somthin wrong with this type thingy!!
  10. ehhhhhhh its not my fault that AO website has problems what you want me to do
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