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  1. oh ok well try and fix it....
  2. eh... i dnt think its working... i dont know if AO's gallery still not working properly
  3. i will i will... geez, ur a slive driver huh... its a pic of me and my sisters
  4. fine ill call you tem....and cool did u post the pic yet??
  5. you can just call me tem... lotza people know me by that name.. and it seems the only picture i found is from 2007 haha
  6. tell me ur real name and i will tell u mine
  7. real name: secret
    picture: i havent looked for one, like i said im not into pictures much... so yaaah
  8. rite ok well then
    1st-whats ur real name??
    2nd-yah get a pic
  9. hey if you really wanna see what i look like... hmm then ill look up a picture here on my comp and post it here on AO, although all my pics are already old, 1 - 2 year old... hehe since im not really a pic person
  10. uhhh... my job is weird boring, and i dont think ull be able to find me that easily you dont even know my real name
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